A Virus We Have to Learn to Live With (Pr. Tricky)

Despite a resurgence of “cyclical” cases, the Covid-19 pandemic is slowly weakening around the world. Citizens are less and less afraid of Covid-19, a virus that we must learn to live with and not to overdo it, estimates Pr. Jaâfar Heikel, epidemiologist, infectiologist and health economist.

To explain his point, Pr. Jaâfar Heikel cites tuberculosis as an example. ” In Morocco, tuberculosis is endemic with 30,000 new cases per year. We have tens of thousands of cases of hepatitis that we live with every year, and we don’t count the number of cases of hepatitis or tuberculosis, which are contagious and communicable diseases and occur every day. We don’t spend our time counting them‘ she explains Hespress UKProf. Tricky.

In the eyes of the epidemiologist, it is important that citizens can better control the phenomenon today. As ? ” This means that anyone who is sick, coughs or has a fever stays at home. If she absolutely has to go shopping, wear a mask. It’s called good citizenship and healthy conduct“, he is arguing.

According to the Health Economist, it is also about healthy habits, such as frequent hand washing, hydroalcoholic solutions in the bag. ” But we don’t all have to wear masks and stay at home. We must return to our normal life“, he recommends.

For the specialist our responses must be adapted to the epidemiological situations. If at any point there are rules that must be obeyed, they must be obeyed. During a pandemic phenomenon that is becoming endemic, we must be careful, but we will not close beaches and hotels and stop tourism every time there is monkeypox, and tomorrow it will be cockroaches“, he says.

On the other hand, Pr. Heikel explains that today there are microbial ecosystems that we will learn to live with, but which will cause us problems from time to time, he says. Why ?

We have influenced our environment ourselves. Climate change how we live. Now more and more people are adopting wild animals. Before it was the dog and the cat. We have also changed our microbial ecosystems by influencing them (deforestation, climate change, all the travel, we forgot the rules of hygiene, etc.). Today in Morocco we can still be close, but we don’t have to kiss five times a day.“, explains Prof. Heikel, before finally stating that a healthy lifestyle and healthy rules of hygiene are the most important things in this phase.

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