A new approach paves the way for mind control of objects

— © Ruichao Zhu et al.

If the ability to control things in our daily lives with your mind seemed unattainable just a few years ago, a new study lays the groundwork for real-time mind control.

“The ability to control objects through thought has always fascinated humans”

Man-made composites of metals or plastics, metamaterials, have unique physical properties. Recently, scientists have discovered that their two-dimensional counterparts, called ” metasurfaces offered even more amazing possibilities, including the ability to manipulate electromagnetic waves.

Equipped with multiple or interchangeable functions, programmable meta-surfaces can be integrated with sensors or controlled via predefined software. However, until recently, switching from one function to another involved manual manipulation, via a wired system, and not switchable in real time.

As part of a paper recently published in the journal eLightResearchers fromUniversity of Singapore identified a way to remotely control metasurfaces by capturing and wirelessly transmitting real-time human brainwaves.

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The ability to control objects through thought has always fascinated humans write the authors of the study. ” One possible way to achieve this is to combine brain signal collection technologies with the emerging programmable metasurfaces.. »

Controlling the electromagnetic response of programmable metasurfaces

The new approach involves the use of technology Bluetooth to wirelessly transmit users’ brainwaves and thereby control the electromagnetic response of programmable metasurfaces.

This method offers users a revolutionary way to manipulate electromagnetic waves through their own brainwaves. ‘ the researchers point out. ” She is clearly approaching telekinesis, a phenomenon that until recently belonged only in the realm of science fiction.. »

The team’s next steps will be to combine this innovative technology, which offers a wide range of possible applications, with intelligent algorithms to improve the overall efficiency of different processes. In particular, in addition to controlling objects, it could make it possible to track our health in real time.

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