8 Signs of Poor Health Visible in Your Eyes

Your eyes are a unique window into your health. Eyes aren’t just for seeing. They are also the indicator of possibly unreported health problems. Close observation of certain visible signs on, in or around your eyes can reveal a poor health condition or disease. In fact, there are several interesting correlations between your overall health and your eyes. A careful look in the mirror can protect your health.

The 8 Signs of Bad Health Visible Through Your Eyes

1 Disappearing eyebrows

When the outer third of your eyebrows starts to disappear, it’s a common sign of thyroid disease.

2 A stye that doesn’t heal

If it isn’t reabsorbed after three months or returns regularly to the same spot, it could be a rare cancer called sebaceous carcinoma.

3 Burning eyes or blurred vision when using a computer

This is called “computer vision syndrome”. Eye strain is partly due to the lack of contrast on the computer screen and the extra work your eyes have to do to focus on the pixels.

4 A black dot in your field of vision, accompanied by light reflections or a wavy line

These visual disturbances are caused by migraines with aura. They may or may not be accompanied by a headache.

5 The whites of the eye turn yellow

We’re talking jaundice here. It occurs in newborns with immature liver function or in adults with liver, gallbladder, or bile duct problems.

6 protruding eyes

The most common cause of eyes that seem to pop out of their sockets is hyperthyroidism, an overactive thyroid gland.

7 Sudden double vision, visual impairment or loss of vision

These are warning signs of a stroke.

8 Blurred vision in a diabetic

People with diabetes are at increased risk of suffering from various eye problems, but the most common is diabetic retinopathy. It’s a complication of diabetes that affects the blood vessels of the eye. It is a leading cause of blindness in adults.

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