53 more homes evacuated in La Baie

About fifty other homes in La Baie are the target of an evacuation order issued by the city of Saguenay on Saturday, bringing the number of properties evacuated after Monday’s landslide to 76.

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These 53 homes were scheduled to be evacuated by 7 a.m. Sunday morning. The affected apartments are located on 7th, 8th and 9th Avenues, as well as 6th Street, Avenue du Parc and Avenue du Port.

“Apart from 9th Avenue, not all of these streets have been evacuated, but there are at least two apartments on each of the evacuated streets,” said Dominic Arseneau, spokesman for the city of Saguenay.

Firefighters were at the scene Saturday night knocking on the doors of homes to let residents know it was time to evacuate their homes for safety reasons.

weeks or even months

Those properties cannot be restored for several weeks or even months, the community said.

“Citizens have been invited to bring any personal items and essential supplies they will need for several weeks,” says Mr. Arseneau.

The decision to evacuate more homes came on the advice of engineers from the Quebec Department of Transportation and an expert firm who have been hard at work for several weeks.

“They have taken soil samples and the properties of the clay indicate that there will be future soil movements, there is no risk. »

They conjure up a catastrophe that could resemble the landslide that engulfed Saint-Jean-Vianney in the same region in 1971, killing 31 people.

The announcer also let out a hearty shout, urging would-be thieves to stay away from the target location. “The break is over. It’s not pranks. It’s very dangerous. »

A residence taken away

Remember that last Monday, a two-story apartment building on 8th Avenue was swept away by a landslide.

The house was uninhabited as authorities had already evacuated some houses in the area after discovering a 20-meter-high crack that could endanger the safety of residents. Since then, the site has been closely monitored.

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