What Are the Health Benefits of Eggs?

That eggs are Food very easy to cook, but also very economical. However, they don’t have a good reputation. rate cholesterol high, negative effects on the heart; There are many arguments against this food. However, it has innumerable advantages for the organism. Then what are the virtues or benefits of eggs for the body?

The egg has a perfect protein profile

Eggs mainly contain Protein, that are of great importance organic. These various proteins, once in the body, contribute to the formation, repair, and even maintenance of certain ones in good condition fabrics like them skinshe Bone and the muscles. Likewise, the proteins contained in the egg are also involved in the formation of enzymes and hormones.

In addition, the proteins contained in eggs are qualified as Completely, because they contain the nine in their structure acids amino what needs the organism. In addition, these are available in proportions optimal. These essential amino acids cannot be produced by the body itself, the contribution of eggs is more than important.

The quality of the egg protein profile is so high that it is used to determine the quality of other dietary proteins. It is also important to point out that a large part of the egg protein, more than 50%, is contained in the egg Whiteand the rest in the yellow.

The egg contains many carotenoids

That carotenoids are closely related substances vitamins HAS. In fact, we think two are great, especially in the yolk antioxidants from the class of carotenoids: the lutein and the zeaxanthin. It is these connections that are responsible for the coloring Egg yolk.

Carotenoids actually help prevent certain age-related diseases, including:

  • Cataract ;
  • That Cancer ;
  • That degeneration muscular ;
  • That Diseases Cardiovascular.

The action of carotenoids essentially consists in neutralizing or reducing the free radicals present in the body. This affects damage control at the cellular level.

Also when eating Food high in luteins (So eggs) prevents macular degeneration that occurs with increasing age. As for prevention Diseases Cardiovascularthe carotenoids would be the origin of the reduction of oxidation bad cholesterol. Thus, they contribute to limiting the formation of plaques in the wall of the arteries.

Egg is an excellent source of choline

The egg contains a large amount of choline. In fact, this connection plays an important role in both brain development and functioning. Choline also has a slowing effect on Alzheimer’s disease and takes great care of it functions cerebral.

Choline is mainly found in the yolk. It should be noted that this connection is essential for development embryonic during pregnancy. A low dose of choline can slow this down development of the fetus.

In addition, numerous studies on this subject suggest that pregnant women with low choline intake have a tremendous chance of giving birth to a child anomalies the level of Pipe neural.

Eggs are high in vitamins and provide good fats

That eggs contain in their structure many vitamins, including: vitamins D, E, K and B2.

In addition to these vitamins, these eggs also contain trace elements and minerals. This oligoelements and microphonenutrient are used in the body for the formation of bones, teeth and even hair.

Among the micronutrients present in the egg we can mention:

  • the potassium ;
  • the zinc ;
  • the selenium ;
  • the phosphorus ;
  • the sodium.

All of these nutrients are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Regarding the fatthe egg contains a wide range of acids boldthat are good for your health. These acids contain mainly lipids (about 11 grams) and the omega-3. Fat, and especially omega-3 fatty acids, help lower blood glyceride levels.

Though they don’t seem so strong eggs quickly give a saturation effect. This effect would be even better compared to grain products.

The egg lowers blood pressure and helps fight retinal diseases

the eggthanks to one of its main components, RVPSL, contributes to the reduction of tension. Many studies have proved that this blood pressure lowering effect of egg is better than that of egg captopril, a medication Antihigh blood pressure.

In fact, the RVPSL is kind of mixtures of acids amino who behaves like this captopril, but better. It inhibits the action of the enzyme from conversion. The production of angiotensin, a vasoconstrictor, then it becomes impossible. The direct result is obviously a reduction in Print arterial.

As for fighting it Diseases of terry cloththe lutein and the zeaxanthinincluded in theegghave been identified as determining factors in the prevention of diseases such as cataract.

In addition, lutein would help improve the syndrome to a lesser extent vision. Because of this, people with vision problems are advised to eat lots of eggs.

The egg contains cholesterol

Egg yolk contains a significant amount of cholesterol. Although it has long been connected Diseases heart, the cholesterol found in eggs is now recommended. In fact, it has been shown that this cholesterol has little effect on the valuation cholesterol im blood. Therefore, when we consume eggs, we do not increase the risk of developing Diseases out heart.

In addition, this cholesterol plays many roles in the body: Participate in the production of vitamin Dfrom juices digestive and even some hormone.

It should be noted that eggs are now a staple of most power supplies healthy and balanced.

The egg helps with weight loss

It may seem surprising, but eating eggs can help lose weight. This hypothesis comes from the results of research conducted in America. These made it possible to determine the consumption eggs at breakfast reduces the intake caloric daily at least 400 calories. This is a significant number considering it could result in a loss of around 1.5 lb or more per month.

In fact, if you eat eggs, you’ll have one very quickly sensation from saturation. In this way, we are less tempted by the idea of ​​too much meal in the morning and even at have dinner.

Besides the cholesterol contained in the egg is pure meal. It is therefore different from the body’s own cholesterol. Additionally, there is no scientific evidence that eating eggs increases cholesterol levels blood.

The egg contains very few calories

It is estimated at about 80 or 6.5 grams, the number of calories and the amount of protein included in a egg Middle.

Then deliver three eggs 255 calories and about 20 grams of protein per day. It is known that a woman needs at least 50 grams of it protein per day. So eating three eggs a day is enough to keep you full for almost half your life needs Daily.

However, it is important to specify that protein requirements vary depending on various factors such as weight, height and many others. Therefore, you must consult your doctor to really know your needs.

In summary a omelette from three eggs enough to fill and fill with protein appetite for a long period of time.

Eggs help fight breast cancer

In 2003, the University ofHarvard conducted a study leading him to conclude that eating at least two eggs a day can help prevent this Cancer out Breast.

Two years later, a new study showed that the risk of developing breast cancer decreases Women consume at least from them eggs per day is 44% an installment lower than in women who consume less or nothing at all.

Indeed, the effect of eggs in preventing breast cancer is due to this choline, a main component of egg yolk. This ingredient would reduce the risk of developing blood cancer by 24%. The yolk contains up to 125 mg cholinethat’s more than quarter from the contribution Daily recommended.

The egg is used in many natural remedies to relieve certain ailments

Apart from its benefits for the health of the organism, the egg is an important component in many receipts naturally to relieve some complaints.

For example, in the case of burns, egg whites can be applied to the affected area. So it is left to dry for a few minutes and then the pain goes away.

For those who easily suffer from frostbite cold, just mix an egg yolk with a spoon or two of olive oil and lemon. Then put this mixture on the frostbite and wait a few minutes do the washing up with lukewarm water. The result is exceptional. In addition, many people testify to the effectiveness of the egg in treating this disease (frostbite).

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