Urbanglide Ecross: The price of this electric scooter has melted like snow in the sun

news good deal Urbanglide Ecross: The price of this electric scooter has melted like snow in the sun

Nothing should be left out during the heat wave, including prices! Experience this UrbanGlide Ecross Pro Boost electric scooter, an ultra-premium all-terrain model that costs from €1,449 to €799 on Cdiscount. A hands-on offer that allows us to go full throttle and feel the freshness in our happy faces.

Urbanglide Ecross Pro Boost: a crazy price at Cdiscount

The Cdiscount retail site doesn’t usually let us dawdle with prizes, and this summer it’s confirmed with a crazy electric scooter that loses almost half the price.

Buy the Urbanglide Ecross Pro Boost for €799 at Cdiscount

The UrbanGlide Ecross Pro Boost Scooter with 10-inch tires is practically the best when it comes to electric mobility, and I think so too go up to 799€ is a really attractive offer.

A super powerful all-terrain UrbanGlide scooter

The most compelling argument of this product is certainly its excessive power that will allow you to swallow the slopes in no time:

  • Electric motor power: 1600W
  • Battery current: 13Ah
  • Top speed: 25 km/h
  • Tire size: 10 inches (25 cm)
  • Maximum weight: 120 kg
  • Empty weight: 27 kg

The French brand UrbanGlide therefore delights us with a weighty electric scooter that exudes quality and won’t let you down.

With a sturdy finish, it has 2 engines for a total power of 1600W, two large inflatable 10 inch wheels and from 6 pendant lights for maximum driving comfort. She even offers you one wide top and a footrest.

An e-scooter that can do everything

It is therefore a great advantage if certain routes in your commute include stretches of unreliable road. This scooter is made for it to be able to go anywhere with as little effort as possible.

It also has one long range (50 km) and an LCD display on the device’s handlebar allows you to track the battery level, riding mode, kilometers traveled and your current distance.

spoil nothing, two huge headlights at the front ensure optimal visibility at sunset.

What Urbanglide therefore offers us with this Ecross Pro Boost is nothing less than an electric scooter that can easily replace a mountain bike for daily outings.

Buy the Urbanglide Ecross Pro Boost for €799 at Cdiscount

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