“The radio was a place of refuge”: Joël Le Bigot says goodbye

It was a particularly difficult and moving meeting for the journalist who radio was for the life raft of your life. A cozy, warm place where he could be exactly who he wanted to be.

The radio was a haven. »

A quote from Joël Le Bigot on the last broadcast of “Saturday and nothing else”

Joël Le Bigot animating a special program of “CBF bonjour”

Photo: Radio Canada

At the age of 76, the Aether veteran is completing a 24-year lap in the animation of Saturday and nothing else.

His program was one of Quebecers’ favourites, as confirmed by the Numeris polls of recent years.

Joël Le Bigot was able to capture the attention of the audience by presenting his programs in an atmosphere of fun and conviviality that reflected his great culture and his passion for the French language.

All my life I’ve had this strange amazement that you can speak into a microphone and people will listen. »

A quote from Joël Le Bigot on the last broadcast of “Saturday and nothing else”

Fernand Seguin and Joël Le Bigot hosted “La science et vous” on September 8, 1977.

Photo: Radio Canada / M. Sauvageau

The radio giant has also used his final moments on the air to send his audience a message of love, a love he says must triumph over a desire to amass excessive wealth.

lits pour dormir dedans”,”text”:”Quand tu arrives à la fin de la vie, la seule chose qui t’intéresse, c’est l’amour des gens et des enfants, pas d’avoir 36lits pour dormir dedans”}}”>At the end of life it’s all about love for people and children, not about 36 beds to sleep inhe illustrated.

As an adventurer in the air as in life, Joël Le Bigot has not forgotten to give the younger generation one last piece of advice: packsack sur ton épaule et d’aller voir le monde.”,”text”:”C’est encore le temps de prendre ton packsack sur ton épaule et d’aller voir le monde.”}}”>There is still time to take yours Backpack on your shoulder and go see the world.

Joël Le Bigot is retiring after 45 years with Radio-Canada. Caroline Lacroix approached him just before his very last show.

Of radio and sea

Joël Le Bigot is a key figure at Radio-Canada. Its beginnings date back to 1967 at Chicoutimi regional station.

With the program he made a name for himself as a radio presenter in 1977 CBF helloa flagship morning newspaper for the public broadcaster, which he hosted for 19 years.

Joël Le Bigot at the microphone during the program “CBF bonjour”, September 5, 1979

Photo: Radio Canada / Jean-Pierre Karsenty

Joël Le Bigot was born in France and came to Quebec by boat at a very young age. In addition to his work as a journalist, Joël Le Bigot cultivated his passion for the sea.

In 1984 he participated in the Transat Québec–Saint-Malo aboard the ship Radio-Canada.

Joël Le Bigot also accompanied the famous French navigator Éric Tabarly on board the ship Côte d’Or.

Photo: Christian February

After a world tour, the host returned to the air in 1998 at the helm of Saturday and nothing else. That same year, he added the show to his schedule why not sundaywhose captain he was until 2011.

When his departure was announced in May, Joël Le Bigot declared that he wanted to sail to new horizons while he was still alive master of his life. He did not want wait for life to decide [lui] when he had to put on his microphone.

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