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Proclinic Expert Dual Composite Cement is self-adhesive and eugenol-free. It requires no acid etching or adhesives. It is self-curing and light-curing. It is available in two shades (Dentine and Translucent). Due to its color stability, it provides immediate and long-lasting aesthetic results.

Its high bond strength of 20 MPa on enamel and 15 MPa on dentine and easy removal of excess ensure easy, durable and reliable attachment. 250% radiopaque, allows for long-term follow-up. Its fluoride release reduces the risk of caries recurrence as well as postoperative sensitivities. It is also tasteless and odorless.

Simplified cementing procedures

With a working time of 2 minutes, a 3 minute cure in the mouth and a light cure of 20 seconds, cementing procedures are simplified and more comfortable for the practitioner and their patient. With Proclinic Expert dual-composite cement, the practitioner seals the insoles, insolescrowns and Bridge Metal, metal-ceramic, composite, ceramic, alumina and zirconia and cad-cam materials.

It comes in a box with 1 8g auto-mix dentin stain syringe + 10 optimized mixing tips + 10 fine angled intraoral tips + 10 fine x angled intraoral tips.

The opinion of practitioners

dr Joana Anchordoqui

I tried this product on the advice of my seller. I use it for almost everything (inlay core, onlay, cermet and zirconia). With just one product I can do almost any restoration. It offers two shades and I find it very aesthetic. Its advantage is that no previous preparation is required: a single step saves time. On the other hand, it’s very efficient. Its adhesion is excellent. I’ve had very little feedback from patients in the two years I’ve been using it. In addition, it is good value for money.

dr Jean Pierre Cazeres

I’ve tried a number of systems and this one is particularly handy for everyday use. It’s easy to remove excess. His membership gives me satisfaction and confidence in my work. Nine times out of ten it’s the product I use because of its reliability, be it for a zirconia crown, the e-max or an onlay. The price is another interest in my opinion.

dr Laura Refuville

I use this cement as first intention for all conventional fixed prosthesis and resealing (I have not tested it on onlays and aesthetic ceramics for which I have different habits). It’s versatile, which is very noticeable and comfortable in day-to-day GP practice, and very reliable (almost never back). It is easy and quick to use (install and remove excess) and has a very reasonable cost.

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