PSPP is fighting a very worthy fight

In autumn 2020 he became chairman of a party that is now fighting for its existence. This is not new: since the early 2000s, the question of the survival of the PQ has repeatedly arisen.

It has become more radical since the CAQ took its place as the main nationalist party.

Parti Quebecois

How can the so-called PSPP raise the bar?

He did this by refocusing the Parti Québécois on what really mattered: their fight for independence.

A few months ago, this strategy might have seemed doomed to failure. Quebecers are particularly concerned about their identity, but they no longer necessarily associate this issue with that of sovereignty. Wrong, but that’s the way it is.

But developing the political context could serve the PSPP and give it a voting space.

The political turmoil of recent weeks is a reminder to Quebecers that Canada’s constitution is an objective obstacle to promoting their identity.

They are rediscovering that their laws can be overridden, deconstructed, or changed by the institutions that serve Ottawa.

If they listen to their prime minister, they find that they do not have the powers necessary for the nation’s survival, particularly with regard to immigration.

And as long as they educate themselves about what is being said about them in English Canada, or even English-speaking or Anglicized Montreal, they find that people no longer hide to despise or hate them.

French-speaking Quebecers are portrayed as an intolerant tribe and always suspect the worst when trying to assert or even protect their language.

In other words, Quebecers are rediscovering the national question in its classic form, dare I say its complete form.

Therefore, the speech of PSPP can find an echo.

We saw it in particular in the context of the celebrations of René Lévesque’s centenary.

The organizers initially wanted to keep him away from the events for obscure reasons, as if the leader of the party founded by René Lévesque was not welcome at this crucial moment. As if some wanted to humiliate the PSPP.

The media frenzy forced the organizers to change course.


Outcome: The PSPP took the floor and his speech was considered exceptional. It also went viral on social media. It’s been a while since a sovereignist leader has spoken in this way about Quebec’s independence and the tenacity it takes to promote it, even when the wind is blowing against it.

Let there be no misunderstandings: no one believes that this speech will be enough to revitalize their party. But by definition, the return of the national question creates a more favorable context for the separatists.

PSPP had a good week. He returned to the ice. This allows him to take part in the competition.

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