McLaren Artura Review: Silent Strength

Placed between the GT and the 720S in the range, the Artura features a typical McLaren design with pronounced gables, XXL air intakes and headlights that draw a penetrating gaze.

McLaren Artura-DR

The same applies on board. Younger buyers, who the model is aimed at, will be pleased to know that their music library can be played on the 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto connectivity. A 10-inch screen for driving information is available to the driver. A screen mounted on the steering wheel and steering column, whose “ears” of the cap allow you to manage the various parameters of the chassis and engine without having to take your fingers off the wheel.

McLaren Arthur
McLaren Artura-DR


The engine is a brand new 3-liter V6 with two turbochargers and 585 hp. It’s mated to an ultra-compact 95-horsepower electric motor that weighs only about fifteen pounds. The total combined power therefore increases to 680 hp, and torque to 720 Nm.These two engines can work according to several schemes. 31 kilometers in pure electric mode, on which the car starts by default, or by automatically juggling between the two in comfort mode. Two modes in which the Artura is surprisingly docile illustrate McLaren’s desire to make it the perfect everyday model. And judging by the astonishment of the passers-by we encountered during our test, it’s always surprising to see such a machine drive by without the slightest sound. Intelligent use of electricity, which is also reflected in consumption and CO2 emissions: 4.6 l100 km on average, for just 104 g/km!

McLaren Arthur
McLaren Artura-DR

Accomplished athlete

In the most successful Sport and Track modes, hybridization has a different purpose. The combustion engine constantly takes care of keeping the battery at a high level of charge in order to perform at its best at all times. The numbers then speak for themselves: 3 seconds range from 0 to 100 km/h and 8.3 seconds for 200 km/h!

McLaren Arthur
McLaren Artura-DR

When these modes are combined with the most advanced chassis settings (steering, damping, electronic management, etc.), the Artura becomes impressively muscular without sacrificing usability. Due to its natural balance and the resulting lightness, it quickly gains confidence in its pilots. The lightweight construction of many elements – including the center cell around the carbon fiber passengers – has made it possible to keep the curb weight below 1,400 kg. And it feels.

McLaren Arthur
McLaren Artura-DR

Efficiency is therefore as high as driving pleasure at the wheel, and always with a certain smoothness, without any brutality. Too bad the V6’s vocals are too subtle to add the finishing touches to this paint job. But this multifaceted hybridization is a real success, at a price that – could it have been otherwise – remains very elite: from 232,706 euros.

The McLaren Artura in a few figures

  • Engine: 6-cylinder, plug-in hybrid, 2,993 cc; 680 hp – 720 Nm
  • Transmission: to the rear wheels
  • Transmission: 8-speed automatic
  • L/W/H (mm): 4,539/1,976/1,193
  • Curb weight (kg): 1,395
  • Trunk volume (l): 180
  • Tank (l): 66
  • 0 to 100 km/h (sec): 3
  • Vmax (km/h): 330
  • Disadvantages Mixed (l/100km): 4.6
  • CO2 (g/km): 104
  • Price (€): 232,706

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