Justice: Coughing on a manager will have cost her her dream job

A disgruntled customer who deliberately coughed at a grocery store manager early in the pandemic will have a criminal record, although he hoped to be fired so he could become a prison warden, the Court of Appeal has confirmed.

“It was not unreasonable to conclude that the behavior [de l’accusé] was all the more reprehensible in the initial context of the pandemic,” we read in a Friday decision by the highest court in Quebec.

Éric Yaniri, 32, can therefore give up his desire to become a correctional officer for his shameful act committed on March 26, 2020.

At the beginning of the pandemic

At this point, COVID-19 had just arrived in Quebec. And when Yaniri walked into a grocery store on Montreal’s South Shore, he didn’t appreciate being asked to wash his hands.

“He loses his temper, which leads to the manager’s intervention,” the court filing said.

An altercation ensued until Yaniri deliberately coughed in the manager’s direction.

Police arrived at the scene, only to be told the unsightly customer was also awaiting the result of a screening test.

Yaniri was arrested and then admitted his guilt in the attack, expressing deep remorse.

“He acknowledges that his behavior was inappropriate and that the victim may have feared for his safety,” the ruling said.

But at the same time, Yaniri asked not to have a criminal record.

“A conviction would mean that he would be prevented from studying and working in this field [de la sécurité] “, we can read in the decision.

trial period

Judge Marco LaBrie, however, ruled that Yaniri’s gesture merited a criminal record.

“The context of the COVID-19 pandemic is an integral part of the facts and had to be considered by the judge,” reads the ruling, which mentions that Yaniri received a suspended sentence and therefore a criminal record.

Dealing with the case, the Court of Appeal upheld the verdict, recalling that it was not excessive and therefore there was no reason to change it.

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