Google Maps shows traffic on the home screen

Traffic jams sometimes happen when you least expect it. Fortunately, Google Maps has just introduced a new feature that will delight motorists: showing traffic jams right on the smartphone home screen.

Traffic jams are really annoying and a waste of time. It’s always a nasty surprise when your driver assistance app guides you through a completely closed road. Luckily, some apps are capable of predicting traffic. This also applies to Google Maps, which is being expanded to include new functions. This isn’t new, Google Maps and its counterpart Waze – also owned by Google – are capable of predicting traffic in real time. All you need to do is open the application and program a route. But even on routes that you know by heart, traffic jams sometimes occur when you’re not expecting them. To fix this problem, Google Maps has just introduced a new feature: Traffic forecasts are now displayed directly on the smartphone’s home screen.

Google Maps: traffic jam forecasts in real time

To benefit from this option, the application must be placed on its home screen. It looks like a small square that allows you to quickly get information about the condition of the roads around the current position. When the road is green, everything is fine, but when it turns red, there are traffic jams. “vYou’ll see this information for your current location right on your Android home screen. So when you leave home, work, school or any other place, you know exactly what the local traffic looks like at a glance. And since Android widgets are touch-enabled, you can zoom in and out without opening the Maps app. ‘ explains Luke Wroblewski, product manager, in a blog post.

This toll prediction is powered by Google Maps users and their travel history. If the app detects that several people using the app are on the same street and stationary, it understands that it is probably congested. On the other hand, this method does not allow to know how the traffic will evolve in the minutes or even in the coming hours.

At the moment this function is only intended for Android smartphones and will be rolled out in the coming weeks, as well as the appearance of widgets that will allow you to archive your emails with a simple touch or by showing the others lists to do.

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