Google Maps gets stuck in dark mode for no reason

The Google Maps app has issues with Android Auto. As evidenced by the complaints of many users, the Maps app gets stuck in dark mode for no reason. So far, Google hasn’t found a solution.

As you may know, the Android Auto app for smartphones is on the verge of extinction. Gradually, users will be prompted to switch to Google Assistant driving mode, which Google calls “next evolution of the driving experience”.

In addition, Google had already prepared the ground in August 2021 by removing the Android Auto application on Android 12. And if many users still resist, This last mistake might encourage them to opt into driving mode.

As evidenced by numerous complaints posted on the manufacturer’s official forums, Google Maps stuck in dark mode for unknown reasons. It doesn’t matter what your phone or car tells the device.

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Google Maps stuck in dark mode on Android Auto

Usually, Android Auto switches the display from day mode to night mode based on two criteria : whether or not your vehicle’s headlights are on and whether or not your smartphone has switched to dark mode. Unfortunately, for some drivers, Google Maps doesn’t follow these rules and stays in dark mode all the time, regardless of the lighting conditions and your smartphone’s display settings.

result of serious vision problems, especially in broad daylight… At the moment we don’t know why Google Maps reacts in this way. However, users claim to have encountered this problem ever since Provision of version 11.33 of the GPS application.

Unfortunately, if you are affected by this concern, you will have to endure your troubles patiently. In fact, Google still hasn’t released a patch, despite claiming to be aware of the problem. Note that the release of version 11.34 of Google Maps did not help, as several users have confirmed that they are still affected by this error. At the moment there are two workarounds to get around the problem:

  • Manually adjust your phone’s display mode
  • Manually install an older version of Google Maps

It remains only to wait for the official Google patch to be deployed Fixed automatic switching from dark mode to light mode.

Source: 9To5Google

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