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It is 10 p.m. sharp when the first tones of Bateaux Mouches resonate, Friday evening, the floor and walls of the MTelus vibrate. Eddy de Pretto is here. The music is silent and it’s a cappella, landed in the middle of the crowd, that he sings the words of the song from his latest album, the Grandiose To all bastards. The crowd cheers.

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Marissa Groghe

Marissa Groghe
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What a start to the show! And the sequel didn’t disappoint. Celebrated by the audience, de Pretto declares that he will be giving an a cappella show, a gentle show. We almost believe it (in fact we’re excited about the idea), then the lights come on and on stage his musicians send everything they’ve got. The space beneath our feet shakes again. It won’t be a cappella. It won’t be easy – although moments of deep tenderness await us later in the concert. No scruples for this glowing performance that de Pretto admits he’s been waiting for a long time.

Montreal is a very special place for the French singer-songwriter, who hasn’t returned for a show in four years. He takes the time to say how lucky he is to be there.

Eddy de Pretto knows how to animate a crowd. He could just sing, and the already convinced Montreal audience would be ecstatic. But he takes the necessary time to interact with his filled to the brim MTelus. Montreal loves Eddy de Pretto and he loves it back. That’s nice to see.

Photo Denis Germain, Special Collaboration

Eddy de Pretto – and the crowd – at the MTelus

When Creteil Soleil starts, the bass booms and the singer does what he does best. His voice is precise, his energy infectious, his interpretation dazzling. After that he does it every time.

It has to be said that de Pretto is well served with his repertoire. His two albums priest and To all bastards, are well supplied with prose pieces and fabulous rhythms. Add to that an undeniable ability to put on an impressive performance. Result: a memorable evening that will last more than an hour and a half, but will still pass far too quickly.

Quarter of the Moons, The loop, The party too many, Perfect, Coincidentally : We navigate between the titles of 2018 (priest) and 2021 (To all bastards). Then he presents a new song, “A Sad Song”, which will be released soon.

Eddy de Pretto’s voice is unique, strong. He therefore does not hesitate to return to a cappella so that the sounds of his microphone alone can enchant the audience.

Also striking is the effect when he sits down for piano voice interpretations, especially on the so pretty one Rose Tati and Break (a duet with French Yseult that we hear on the recording).

The King of the “Bastards”

“These two albums saved my life, you really saved my life. Because oh how hard it is to accept who you are,” he confides in mid-show, before continuing What’s the point. Eddy de Pretto is the narrator of “all the bastards”, for all those who don’t fit into categories and have to fight for the right to be who they really are. Many can, in one way or another, relate to the experience that the redhead describes in his songs. Friday night was proof of that. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Frenchman’s words resonate.

“Are there crazy people here in Montreal? », Pretto asks before the piece geeksthe hymn to “all the monsters”, “the outcasts”, “the only ones”.

After the encore, again installed close to the audience, he finished childthen returns to Bateaux Mouches, this time accompanied by his (very talented) musicians. He leaves the stage with a bang. The loop is nicely closed.

It is to be hoped that it will not be four years before his return. We all need moments like Eddy de Pretto’s.

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