Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout: Season 1 Coming Free!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be available for free on June 21, 2022 on Steam, Epic Games, PlayStation Plus, Nintendo eShop and the Microsoft Store.

[Mise à jour le vendredi 17 juin à 14h40] Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout seized the ZLAN spotlight to return to the front of the stage after its tremendous commercial success. Of Tuesday 21 June 2022, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series and will be free to play so millions more players can discover Season 1 of the Battle Royale. Players can download Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for free from Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Plus, Microsoft Store, Epic Games and Steam. Of Tuesday June 21st and the arrival of Season 1 Free for All, Kudos and Crowns – two in-game currencies – will be replaced with a new currency, Showbucks.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a platform game inspired by obstacle course TV games like Takeshi: Castle Storm, Total Wipeout, and Ninja Warrior 60 players must fight to pass the various tests. Multiplayer video game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital is released August 4, 2020 on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

What platforms can Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout be hosted on? Windows, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, etc.

When it was released, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was only available to MicrosoftWindows via Steam and PlayStation 4 via the paid PlayStation Plus plan. Players on other platforms (Microsoft’s Xbox Series or Nintendo’s consoles) were unable to purchase the game.

the June 21, 2022Mediatonic, the developer of the video game, will continue porting the multiplatform game Nintendo Switch, playstation5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. From that date, the game will be free-to-play (a type of free-to-play video game) and cross-platform, which means players will be able to play together in online multiplayer regardless of platform.

Where to buy Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout? Steam, Nintendo eShop, etc.

When it was released, it was only possible to buy Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout via steam and the PlaystationPlus. The arrival of Season 1 Free for All makes it possible to offer the game on other online content distribution platforms such as: Epic Games or online stores like Nintendo eShop at which the Microsoft store to purchase games compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Of Tuesday 21 June 2022Regardless of platform, players can download Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and enjoy Mediatonic’s watered-down battle royale.

What is the principle of “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout”?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a platform game that follows the principles ofa battle royale : It’s a kind of video game that mixes a survival game and a shooting game based on the mechanics of the last man, that is, the “last man standing”. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a very playful and colorful battle royale where every match includes competition 40 to 60 players. Each player is in control of a personalized “bean” that must pass the trials in order to pass deserve praise and crownstwo in-game currencies used to purchase customization tools for the player’s avatar.

All beans/avatars can perform four actions:

  1. To run
  2. Skip
  3. Dive forward
  4. To catch

Players can also unlock reactions, also called emotes, which are purely aesthetic and are most commonly used to taunt other players after winning.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is based on a simple principle: the player must Complete the various obstacle courses as quickly as possible. Obviously, the playing field presents obstacles to slow down the player or throw him out of the playing area. Other players can also nudge their opponents to slow them down and hope to win the game. Namely, if a bean hits another bean with sufficient speed, the latter can become destabilized and fall down.

if there is between 40 and 60 players At the beginning of each game, the number of players eliminated on each level varies depending on the type of event. In general, a game consists of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. five events, but this number will likely vary depending on the number of players remaining. The game offers five types of tests :

  • race : Cross the finish line before the other competitors
  • Survive : Remain on the field until the end of the event
  • hunt : Retrieve an object held by a player and try to keep it until the end of the test
  • logic : Get your logic working
  • team play : The players are divided into teams and the last team is eliminated

The first attempt at a game of “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” is systematic a race with the number of eliminated players likely to vary. Depending on the number of qualified players, the second event will be randomly selected.

In the end, only one player wins and gets a crown, a more valuable currency that players can use to purchase rarer cosmetic items to customize their avatar. Nevertheless, the losers can console themselves, because at the end of each event every player receives Fame Points and Kudosthe virtual currency of the game.

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