Deportation of migrants to Rwanda | UK denounces ‘scandalous’ ruling by European Court of Human Rights

(London) The decision of the European Court of Human Rights to block the deportation of UK-arrived asylum seekers to Rwanda was “absolutely scandalous” and “opaque”, British Home Secretary Priti Patel hammered on Saturday.

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A plane specially chartered for hundreds of thousands of euros stood ready to take off from an English military base on Tuesday evening when the ECtHR, the Council of Europe’s jurisdiction which ensures compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights, expressed its opposition, a setback for the government.

“You have to look at the reasons” for that decision, said Patel to the newspaper The Telegraph Saturday. “How and why did you make that decision? Was it politically motivated? I think so, absolutely. »

“The opaque manner in which this tribunal has operated is absolutely outrageous,” she said. “We don’t know who the judges are, we don’t know the panel [de juges]we haven’t received a verdict,” she added.

The court, based in Strasbourg (eastern France), said Britain’s judiciary should conduct a thorough scrutiny of the legality of the device planned for July before deporting migrants.

The blocking of the plane that was supposed to be transporting asylum seekers to Rwanda, as part of a controversial policy and criticized by human rights groups, came after several individual legal battles that turned out to be right for migrants.

By shifting its responsibility for taking in asylum seekers and deporting them more than 4,000 miles away from London, the UK government wants to curb illegal Channel crossings, which have been on the rise despite repeated promises to control immigration since Brexit.

More than 11,000 people have made the dangerous crossing since the beginning of the year.

Despite the ECtHR’s decision, the government has expressed its determination to continue with its strategy.

The Home Office also launched on Wednesday a 12-month pilot electronic surveillance of migrants arriving in the UK via “unnecessary and dangerous” routes. They are required to report regularly to authorities, could be subject to a curfew and could be imprisoned or prosecuted if they fail to do so.

According to the BBC on Saturday, the first migrants to be monitored in this way could be asylum seekers who should have been on the canceled flight to Rwanda.

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