climate change | F1 needs to “get into the transitional car,” says Plante

The Montreal Formula 1 Grand Prix must “get in the car of ecological change,” Mayor Valérie Plante said on Friday, urging organizers to say clearly “what they will do” to reduce their impact on the environment to reduce.

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Henri Ouellette-Vezina

Henri Ouellette-Vezina
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“It’s quite a complex question. I want to know what the F1 organizers are going to do to get on the train or rather the car of the ecological transition. For me, these are questions that are very relevant,” said Plante during a press crush on Friday morning.

She was responding to the release of several environmental groups who are outright demanding that we put an end to these types of events in the context of the climate emergency. For its part, Montreal does not intend to question the holding of this event. The city also has a deal to hold the F1 Grand Prix at least until 2031.

Former Dashing Cowboys drummer Dominique Lebeau started a petition Monday to end the Montreal Formula 1 Grand Prix. Backed by several environmental groups including Mères au front, the Montreal Climate Coalition, the Rivières Foundation, Environnement Jeunesse and the Quebec Association of Physicians for the Environment, he is calling for the event “no longer to be held in Montreal, Quebec or Canada”.

From an economic point of view, the Grand Prix remains “excellent news” for dealers just emerging from an “extremely difficult” pandemic period, said Valérie Plante. “To see such a stroke of luck for tourists and people from all over the world who are now coming downtown to enjoy Francos and the Grand Prix is ​​great news,” she said.

“All sectors” have to ask themselves questions

However, the mayor, who is known for her political commitment to the environment, reiterated that all events must now be adapted to the climate crisis.

“Yes, we are right to look at Formula 1 because it is a car race. But when we talk about the ecological transition, I believe that all sectors have to ask themselves questions and show the population how their fields of activity fit into this transition. That’s what we have to demand and ask of all organizers, including the Grand Prix,” she said.

In response to groups wanting the Montreal Grand Prix to end, his big boss François Dumontier had indicated on Thursday that his team was aware “that we have a job to do”. “And we’ve started this work. We have had hybrid engines since 2014. There may have been a lack of communication, but we have made it our goal to be carbon neutral by 2030. This can not be done overnight. These are phases that we will go through. Sometimes these are small gestures, but we are aware of that and we will work on it,” he promised.

According to figures released in 2019, the entire F1 circuit emits 256,551 tons of greenhouse gases (GHG) annually, equivalent to about 105,000 cars or 450 flights between Montreal and Paris.

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