Be careful, these everyday products make you infertile!

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endocrine disruptors
Endocrine disruptors are everywhere! From the walls of our home to our cosmetics and food, they are thought to be responsible for the decline in male fertility.

2017, Shanna Swanteacher from environmental medicine and Public Health at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York (USA) and his team found in a study that the sperm quality western men had down 50% in 40 years!

This environmental health specialist revealed the Link between chemical pollution and increased infertility. In their report, the researchers questioned this endocrine disruptors. she fundamentally change the reproduction of females, males, but also of other species.

What’s coming confirm a new study by scientists from the UK and Denmark, published June 9th. This time the study shows a List of polluting products most harmful to sperm. known to be one dangerous reaction to hormonesEndocrine disruptors are everywhere!

This chemicals intervene in the endocrine system of every organism. And yet they are integrated into the manufacture of many products Daily. In women they disrupt the endocrine system B. by promoting sterility (e.g. in gynecological diseases) and in men reduce the quality testosterone levels and sperm.

From our bathrooms to our kitchens to toilets, everyone is affected chemical pollution. To assess theintensity of these pollutants Andreas Kortenkamp and Hanne Frederiksen, first authors of the study, analyzed male fertility urine samples of 100 men between the ages of 18 and 30.

Under the list of dangerous disruptorsFirst place is plastic: Bisphenol A, S, F. It is contained in cans, canscertain electrical products, paint and even the bottles! In second place: phthalates. They serve to soften and stabilize the plastic the perfume. It is found in balloons, packaging, the toys or even cosmetics!

So are these latter paraben compounds, known to be a hazard to the human body. It is used for prevent the growth of bacteria in creams and deodorant. Other endocrine disruptors affecting fertility: Polychlorinated dioxins that we find in our food and finally… Paracetamol!

Chemical pollutants are not not the only factors weaken reproductive capacity. food, that Smokingdrug use and even the stress can affect fertility. But the study highlights that men’s exposure to these chemical agents is increasing 20 times higher at risk of infertility. And for some products this number becomes 100 times higher!

The authors believe that the Overexposure to endocrine disruptors explains the decline sperm quality and thus male fertility. “Specific efforts to reduce exposure to these substances necessary to mitigate the risk“, report it.

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