What if Oliver Stone made a movie about Legault?

As you know, American director Oliver Stone attends the Quebec City Film Festival this week.

Known for his political films (jfk, W, nixon) Oliver Stone is a fan of conspiracy theories.

Friend of Vladimir Putin and admirer of Hugo Chavez, a socialist so inept that he bankrupted Venezuela (the country with the world’s largest oil reserves), the director of cult films train and Wall Street likes conspiracies of all kinds and likes to believe that reality is never what it seems.

I imagine he’s making a film about François Legault…


scene 1

The scene takes place a few days after the 2018 CAQ election.

Two shadows are talking in a dark office. They are François Legault and Simon Jolin-Barrette.

“Mr Prime Minister, your strategy has worked! You’ve managed to make everyone believe you’re a Federalist!

“Even liberals voted for us, can you believe it?” »

Both men laugh.

“Now that you are elected Prime Minister, you must use your majority to open the floodgates! What do we do ? Do we unilaterally declare independence, prepare for a third referendum?

“Woah, Woah, Simon, calm down… No, I have a better plan. A Machiavellian plan that puts the people on our side and allows us to do what Bourassa dared not do…

– What ?

“We’re going to take it easy…

“But… why, Mr. Legault?” You have a vacant field, the opposition is disorganized, the people love you! On the contrary, you’ll have to make a double effort, step on the gas pedal!

— No, no, you are too young, Simon, too impulsive… You will concoct two laws for us, one on language and one on secularism.

– OK…

“But make sure they’re shy laws, not too strict. For example, she proposes a law for secularism that goes less far than the Drainville Charter of Values.

– This means?

“The PQ wanted all officials to remove their religious badge?” Say that our own law applies only to officers in positions of authority. And add a grandfather clause…

– OK.

– And as for the language, he reassures the English by saying that we will not apply Law 101 to cegeps.

– But you see, Mr. Legault, it doesn’t make any sense! That is…

“Tsss, tss, Simon! do what i tell you…

“But what’s the plan?”

— You’ll see, even if our laws don’t go very far, Canadians will fall apart. They’ll rip their shirts off, insult us, threaten to challenge our laws in court.

– Yes and… ?

— And then we can say to the people of Quebec: “Look, even with hyper-anxious laws, nothing can be done, Canada doesn’t want to know anything! There is only one way: Separation!”

Simon Jolin-Barrette’s face lights up.

“But… But that’s great, Prime Minister!”

– Is not it ? Serve me a gin and tonic…”

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