War in Ukraine | CERN announces it will cut its ties with Russia and Belarus

(Geneva) The renowned European scientific laboratory CERN announced on Friday that it will end cooperation agreements with Russia and Belarus after they expire in 2024 due to the war in Ukraine.

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The CERN Council on Thursday decided “that it intends to terminate the international cooperation agreements with the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus as of their expiry date in 2024,” while standing ready for new decisions “in the light of developments in Ukraine.” “.

“The situation continues to be closely monitored and the Council stands ready to take new decisions in view of the evolving situation in Ukraine,” added the European Organization for Nuclear Research, which hosts the largest particle accelerator in Geneva, in a press release.

CERN’s decision “confirms the firm condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation with the support of Belarus, while leaving the door open to continued scientific cooperation if conditions permit in the future,” said Fabiola Gianotti, the organization’s head .

CERN recalled that it was “established after World War II to bring nations and peoples together in the peaceful pursuit of science”.

“Aggression by one country against another is contrary to these values,” he added.

In March, the 23 member states of CERN suspended “until further notice” the observer status that Russia had for the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) particle accelerator, a huge 27 km ring buried underground on the French-Swiss border.

They had also suspended the participation of CERN scientists in “all scientific committees of institutes in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus and vice versa”. “All events organized jointly by CERN” and the same institutes have also been suspended or cancelled.

The cooperation agreements that CERN signs with the countries usually have a term of five years and are usually tacitly renewed for the same period.

The agreement with Belarus expires in June 2024, that with Russia in December of the same year.

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