Two men convicted of gang rape in a hotel

A Quebec woman traveling through Montreal for her friend’s birthday experienced a nightmare: a man who had escorted her to the hotel for her “safety” and his accomplice subjected her to a dirty gang rape. Kervin Legros and John Jamesley Felix’s lies did not deceive the judge, who found them guilty of group sexual assault.

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Louis Samuel Perron

Louis Samuel Perron
The press

The victim travels to Montreal on May 25, 2019 to attend his friend’s birthday party. At the end of the evening the woman is heavily intoxicated. Kervin Legros then offers to escort her to her downtown hotel. His friend John Jamesley Felix follows him in another vehicle.

In the hotel room, John Jamesley Felix pushes the victim onto a bed and begins to undress her. She struggles, screams and cries to free herself from his grip, but the rapist threatens her: “Stop screaming, stop crying or we will kill you tonight. »

His accomplice Kervin Legros later enters the room and forces the victim to drink strong alcohol by shoving the bottle in his mouth. His ordeal has only just begun. Kervin Legros then forces her to perform oral sex while being penetrated by John Jamesley Felix.

Photo Marco Campanozzi, DIE PRESSE

Kervin Legros at the Montreal courthouse last May

” [La victime] Stop screaming and hitting. She submits to sexual acts in order to survive. She thought she was going to die. [La victime] loses consciousness,” the judge summed up. When he wakes up, the victim has bruises on his arms, knees and head, and pain in his vagina, anus, throat and mouth.

According to the judge, the victim made “credible” and “reliable” statements and never attempted to “make things up.” His story is corroborated by two independent witnesses. First, the roommate who alerted the hotel after hearing “a woman screaming for help.” Then a hotel security guard who caught one of the men trying to get rid of the bloodstained sheets.

At trial, the two men admitted to committing a sexual assault involving another person, but denied the seriousness of their actions and even evoked consensual relationships. Kervin Legros, for example, spoke of a “party mood” in the bedroom.

Judge Suzanne Costom criticized the testimonies of the two sex attackers, calling their stories “false”, “unbelievable” and “incredible”. “Both lied,” the judge concluded, listing the numerous inconsistencies and lies in their statements.

John Jamesley Felix was also found guilty of making threats, while his accomplice was acquitted of those charges. They were both acquitted of the compulsory detention charge.

Defender Me Vicky Powell and M.e Nadia Jamieson asked for a prejudice and sex report. Me Pierre-Olivier Bolduc conducted the trial for the public prosecutor.

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