Top Gun: These 10 Actors Almost Played Maverick Instead Of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise in Maverick: What’s undeniably self-evident today wasn’t necessarily so in 1985-1986, when Top Gun was being prepared. Take a look back at 10 rising stars of the ’80s who almost took control of Pete Mitchell’s F-14.

In 1986, Tom Cruise took to the skies in Top Gun. Attracted in the early 80s in “Taps”, “Outsiders”, “Risky Business” or “Legende”, the once rising star became THE new face thanks to the success of Tony Scott’s feature film, which grossed more than 350 million dollars worldwide of American cinema for a budget of just 15 million greenbacks.

Cruise was aware of that back then, even before filming began top gun is a big step “Superior” also in his career. He is therefore involved in the production process, with the approval of Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, and participates in all prep sessions, from sets to costumes to photography. And of course the scenario that he develops with his producers for a month.

“I saw – cinematically – what they would do”She remembers the comedian in the Top Gun Maverick press kit. “But the script wasn’t great. It did not work. There was no actual character with Maverick. It was quite a vague universe, not very defined (…) So we started talking about this script and I said that for me it was a film about competition, about honor, a film about friendship, about sacrifice and sacrifice and failure and addressing those errors..

Convinced by the project, the actor also has two requirements: to shoot in a real F-14 and fly with the Blue Angels, the Navy demonstration team that offers air shows across the United States. “It was a great flight. For the first time I felt the different levels of G-Force. You can read, you can learn about G-Force, but you don’t understand it until you learn it. I haven’t experienced it. “It was a great flight. They let me do what I wanted – and I kept flying to about 5G. And what Jerry doesn’t know because I kept them going for months to know if I would get involved in the film or no, it’s like I was already convinced back then that I would do it..

The rest is legend and continued thirty-six years later Top Gun Maverick, critically acclaimed (it’s the best film of the post-COVID era according to AlloCiné viewers) and hugely lucrative at the box office ($400 million across the Atlantic, more than $800 million worldwide). But as always in Hollywood, many comedians were considered, even approached, for the role of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. A look back at ten actors who almost flew away instead Tom cruise.

Michael J Fox

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name of Zeus! What if Michael J. Fox, after traveling in a DeLorean in Back to the Future, stepped in for the flight deck of ? top gun ? The actor was at times on the shortlist for the role of Maverick, without this ever happening. It must be said that between Teen Wolf, The secret of my success and above all the Sacred Family series that mobilized him from 1982 to 1989, his agenda was full. Note that he is also “entitled” to his war film with outrages by Brian De Palma (1989) against … Sean Penn, who is also running for the Maverick player.

Emilio Estevez

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Emeritus member of the Brat Pack, a group of young ’80s comedians (of which Tom Cruise will be a secondary member), Emilio Estevez has, like his brother Charlie Sheenalmost signed top gun. Unpicked, he nevertheless left his mark on the ’80s with John Hughes’ Breakfast Club, Close Surveillance and most notably the Western Young Guns (where Tom Cruise made a small uncredited appearance).

Rob Lowe

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Rob Lowe, also a member of the Brat Pack, revealed many years later that he didn’t get along very well Tom cruise on the set of outsider, find it too competitive. He was one of the actors considered for the role of Maverick and eventually stepped onto Youngblood’s ice when Cruise took off in his F-14.

Matthew Broderick

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The unforgettable Ferris Bueller, Matthew Broderick is one of those faces to follow in the 80’s when WarGames or Ladyhawke were off to a good start. Logical since slipping into the controls appears on the list of actors in the race top gun.

Matthew Modine

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Matthew Modine, who is now well known to Netflix subscribers for his role in Stranger Things, was in the spotlight for his role in Birdy, which won the 1985 Cannes Grand Prix. He refused to get involved in “pro-army” projects, he refuses top gun particularly in favor of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket.

Nicholas cage

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Partners with Matthew Modine in little birdNicolas Cage was also one of the up-and-coming stars at the time Hollywood was born top gun. He will instead play Peggy Sue Got Married alongside a certain Jim Carrey, who is also being considered for the role of Maverick.

Patrick Swayze

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He had met a very young man Tom cruise in the gang movie outsider by Francis Ford Coppola: Patrick Swayze was one of his “rivals” for the lead role top gun. Probably too caught up in the historical series North and South, the actor will shine in another iconic and emblematic film of the 80’s with an equally memorable soundtrack, Dirty Dancing.

Scott Baio

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In the early 1980s, Scott Baio made a name for himself primarily on television, playing the role of Chachi Arcola on the series Happy Days and starring in the series Charles s’en charge. He said he turned down the role of Maverick top gun.

John Travolta

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If the “yellow dogs” of top gun (Crew members who direct Navy pilots on aircraft carriers) often dance on the flight deck after a successful launch, they almost learned from a master in the matter: the name John Travolta was mentioned by the production at the time and then dismissed for being considered unbankable (Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Staying Alive years are over).

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