The Weather Network – IN PICTURES – Large hailstones, floods: Storms wreaked havoc

Before reaching Quebec, the storms raged in Ontario. Trees uprooted, significant property damage and power outages were noted Thursday afternoon.

The metropolitan region has also been shaken. A violent cell that hit the west of the island of Montreal also caused a stir: large hailstones fell, especially near Saint-Joseph-du-Lac.

Copyright: Max Thib, Saint-Joseph-du-Lac

Some even reached the size of a two dollar coin! According to current knowledge, the largest observed hailstones have a diameter of six centimetres.

Copyright: Louise Bédard, Saint-Joseph-du-Lac

Torrential rain is the main risk factor to consider Thursday night. Several streets were flooded, particularly due to sewage backlogs. The Montreal subway’s blue line is also struggling with flooding.

Nevertheless, the spectacle was striking. This image of a bolt of lightning was captured in Brossard in the Canadian Tire parking lot.


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