The Canadian doesn’t intend to trade Evgenii Dadonov this summer

Kent Hughes hits the media after his first difficult transaction since taking office. And let’s say that unlike Marc Bergevin, he gave a lot of information.

Dadonov in Montreal for a while.

First, it is planned not to trade Evgenii Dadonov in the summer. The Russian is therefore set to play for the Canadian next season unless there’s an irresistible offer.

As I wrote earlier, the dream scenario would be that Dadonov has a good first half of the season and can trade him at the next close. At the limit, the Canadian will even be able to withhold part of his salary. It doesn’t matter considering Dadonov is in the final year of his contract anyway.

Hughes has no plans to trade Anderson, but you never know…

However, Dadonov’s arrival in Montreal (considering that he was to remain with the CH for a while longer) brings with it another problem. The CH have too much money on the wings. So, could this transaction give way to another involving Josh Anderson?

Asked about it, Hughes replied as he always does, saying that he would never say no to a deal that would improve Habs. Obviously he has no intention of trading number 17, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will stay in Montreal for the rest of his contract. But Hughes loves Anderson and he won’t give it up.

Logan Mailloux was able to take part in the development camp

Kent Hughes also confirmed that Logan Mailloux was in Montreal for several weeks and that he would like the young man to attend development camp this summer.

And if he does well, he might even be able to attend recruit camp just to introduce him to the members of the organization. To be honest, if the Canadian really wants to give him a chance I wouldn’t see any harm in that. Obviously the contract can wait, but why not take him to camp and see what he’s got?

Hughes keeps getting calls for Jeff Petry

Regarding the Jeff Petry file. It is obvious that CH is trying to replace the veteran defender. In fact, Hughes admits he’s getting more and more calls about it.

However, he says he will not give a draft pick to get rid of Petry’s contract.

In my opinion that’s a good thing. In this case there is no rush. He’ll never get the moon for Petry, but I’m sure he’ll manage to get a little.

Luke Richardson is advancing into the second round with the Blackhawks

And then he finally confirmed the rumor that Luke Richardson had an interview with the Blackhawks. Not only that, there will be a second one as well.

However, Hughes also claimed that Richardson had no intention of leaving the Canadians unless he would become head coach somewhere else. This is excellent news for CH considering Richardson’s experience contrasts nicely with Martin St-Louis and his apparent inexperience. Richardson is a stellar piece on the Canadian’s org chart and it would be perfect to keep him for a few more years but I wish him a chance as a boss that he will never have in Montreal.


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