Premature babies: care at home instead of in the hospital

Hospitalization at home shortens the length of hospital stay. Care will continue to be provided by professionals at home. This alternative has many benefits for infants and their parents.

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Hospitalization at home for premature babies —
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Admitting premature babies to their parents as inpatients is the will of the Ministry for Solidarity and Health. In April, he issued a decree democratizing the inpatient treatment of preterm infants at home.

Caen University Hospital has been experimenting with this since 2010. Last year, 125 babies were counted who were hospitalized at home. Infants can go home if they weigh at least 1.7 kg and live within 35 km of the hospital.

This alternative is a relief for parents: “vsIt is a comfort to be able to enjoy our child in our privacy, it is easier than in the hospital where we are often forced to share rooms. This allows you to see the end of the tunnel because the journey is long.”, says Ophélie Valognes, mother of Baptiste, 2 months. Her son was born six months pregnant and spent 2 months in neonatology.

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Life at child’s pace

Every day nannies go to parents’ homes to provide babies with the care they need: rocking, cleaning nose and eyes, checking heart rate and oxygen saturation… “The child is immediately in their own environment, with faster food autonomy and better quality. This allows them to live 100% at the child’s pace.”testifies dr. Anne-Sophie Trentesaux, pediatrician in neonatology at the University Hospital of Caen.

Following the Swedish model, the generalization of hospitalization will soon be tested elsewhere in France. This project is fully supported by the SOS Préma association. “We worked on a French model and won because 10 teams in France are selected by the ARS to experiment with it for 3 years.”welcomes Charlotte Bouvard, founder of SOS Préma.

If the study produces the expected results, home hospitalization could become permanent. Every year in France, 60,000 babies are born prematurely.

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