Montreal: The giant ring is officially inaugurated

With much ink spilled, L’Anneau, destined to become a key symbol of downtown Montreal, is almost ready to welcome the first onlookers. In the next few days it will be hoisted at the entrance to the Esplanade Place Ville-Marie, which will decorate it for the summer.

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With a diameter of 30 meters, the huge ring is intended to encourage visitors to visit it in the city centre. From September it will also be illuminated.

Ivanhoé Cambridge, which owns Place Ville-Marie, commissioned the work.

“In 2022, the role of artistic installations in public space will be established. After two years of pandemic, we wanted to bet on this to bring citizens together downtown,” said Élise Proulx, director of Quebec economic development at Ivanhoé Cambridge.

Montreal: The giant ring is officially inaugurated

The ring is a work of the company Claude Cormier + Associés. He was best known for his 18 Shades of Gay, represented by multicolored spheres hovering over Sainte-Catherine Street in Le Village.

“We were commissioned to create an artistic work that touches neither the ground nor the buildings. We had to create something that floats. It wasn’t an obvious order, but we boarded,” he revealed.

According to his explanations, the circular shape becomes a “lens” through which one can observe the city and some of its emblematic buildings.

In all, the huge ring will have cost $5 million, paid primarily by Ivanhoé Cambridge. About a third of the amount comes from the Quebec government’s Strategic Asset Maintenance Fund. The Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce also contributed to the funding.

“The Ring adds those elements that make the city center extraordinary and bring it back to life. Its size and elegance will make it stand out in the metropolis. It already captures the imagination if it’s not already installed,” said Luc Rabouin, in charge of economic development at the city’s executive committee.

McGill College Avenue, where the plant will open, is to be renewed in the coming years. In particular, the Plante administration had indicated that a public square in honor of Oscar Peterson would be established there for 2025.

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