Microsoft Defender wants to improve your security on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS

Microsoft has released a new application that aims to manage the security of each of your devices. Microsoft Defender aims to act as an interface between a device’s various protection tools and its user.

Microsoft is launching a new service accessible to all subscribers to its 365 offer: Microsoft Defender wants to be an all-in-one solution to improve online security on smartphones, PCs or Macs.

The application, not to be confused with Windows Defender (the default antivirus on the Microsoft operating system), is presented as a service by “Cross-Device Security” which presents all the useful information to properly protect its terminals. The software’s features vary by platform, but at its most basic, Defender is a centralized dashboard designed to alert in the event of a security issue.

One app to backup them all

“To ensure privacy and device security, consumers often use different services, resulting in fragmented notification and device management. This fragmentation makes it even more difficult to keep track of the ever-growing online threats.”, explains Vasu Jakkal, head of security at Microsoft. Therefore, to solve the problem, Windows Defender offers a single interface that centralizes all the user’s devices and details their cybersecurity needs.

On Windows, the application presents all antivirus reports in a unified interface and informs whether malware is present or not. On iOS it simply offers protection against phishing, while on Android it integrates a suitable antivirus program. It also offers platform-specific tips for potentially improving gadget security.

Microsoft 365 subscribers might appreciate it if their Android PC or smartphone isn’t riddled with security flaws, but the fact is that the software somewhat duplicates the already natively integrated services across different platforms. Aside from tips and recommendations on how best to protect yourself online, Microsoft Defender doesn’t go very far. As it stands, the app looks more like a fleet management service for individuals than a true cybersecurity tool.

A Microsoft 365 subscription is required to try Microsoft Defender. You can download the application from the publisher’s official site.

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