Mariana Mazza got the shock of her life on her last flight

runaway Good evening! On Tuesday night, for her literary column, Mariana Mazza confided that she almost didn’t come because she recently experienced the fear of her life on a plane. Still in shock, she recounted her adventures with all the humor we know.

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Last Thursday, the comedian took a plane to Sept-Îles to present his brand new show named Rude: Forgive me if I love you. Before the plane reached its North Shore destination, the plane made two stops — one in Quebec and one in Mont-Joli — where passengers were scheduled to disembark.

On the set of Jean-Philippe Wauthier, Mariana said that the pilot of the plane in Quebec explained that it might not be possible to land at Mont-Joli, but that she would try if the passengers really made it to that destination wanted to go.

“And then I’m like, ‘Excuse me? you will try” land the plane? And you [la pilote] does: “Yes, we will try to go under the clouds. If it works, we drive, otherwise we take off again,” recalled the one we will soon see in the film vanishing lineshalf amused, half scared.

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Eventually, the pilot attempted to land on Mont-Joli, and as she began her descent, the comedian had quite a scare that she will remember for a long time.

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“We descend under the clouds, the engines shut down, it’s ‘fiou’. From them. Protocol. The longest two minutes of my entire life,” Mariana confided, before adding that the pilot’s attempt didn’t work and he then restarted the engines towards the Sept-Îles destination.

“I almost lost my life at Mont-Joli,” concluded the Olivier of the Year winner at the recent Les Olivier Gala.

We are happy to know that everything turned out well… but we have to admit that we were quite entertained by his story!

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