JS Dea believes Canadians should learn from the missile

After a tough setback yesterday in Springfield, The Rocket were back home to clear out lockers and speak to the media. A few statements and quotes should be remembered from this press conference, which was attended by 14 players and Jean-François Houle.

Here is a summary:

1. Xavier Ouellet does not know what the future holds

The rocket captain was the first player to speak. The Quebecer may have been in his final season with the team, becoming a free agent on July 13. He said he doesn’t know what the future holds for him but he would very much like to return to Laval.

At 28 he still feels great and still has good hockey to offer. He believes his agents will have to work hard this summer.

His 41 points in 61 games this season has certainly earned him a contract boost. In 2021-22, he earned $737,500.

Ouellet believes the Rocket got this far in the playoffs thanks to a good mix of veterans and youngsters in their roster.

His goal is to play in the NHL, whether with Montreal or elsewhere.

2. The Canadian must follow the example of the Rocket, believes Jean-Sébastien Dea

Jean-Sebastien Dea was the next mic and he immediately bet on a rather controversial statement.

As Georges Laraque said: “Ya du guts le kid”.

Dea believes the lads played every game with pride and it showed.

But does it make sense for Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton to build a COMPETITIVE club with FULL of Quebecers? For a team like the Canadiens you have to work with a few players from here, but don’t overdo it either…

Dea wants to come back. Will his testimony work against him?

Dea would have liked to have played a game or two more with the big club but representing the team is a dream come true. He doesn’t want to leave for Europe just yet; he wants to continue his journey for a few more seasons in Montreal or Laval.

3. Gabriel Bourque would immediately accept a two-year contract

After a hiatus in 2020, Gabriel Bourque was back in the AHL in 2021-22. And he has absolutely no regrets signing with Rocket for a season. He didn’t have so much regret that he would immediately agree to a two-season deal if he could.

Kent Hughes, take notes.

4. Kevin Poulin impressed by Cayden Primeau

Cayden Primeau had a good season at Laval, but his playoffs were even better.

Also, like many people, his assistant goalkeeper Kevin Poulin has seen his progress and is encouraged/impressed.

Poulin believes he needs another full season in the AHL, but he wishes him the best of luck if an opportunity arises in the NHL.

Speaking of Primeau, he finds the Laval market very special. He will never forget the last month and a half.

The Canadian’s future goalkeeper believes he is better equipped today to emerge from slower stages.


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