Get off the TV, get off the people!

Behind the public statements, everyone is horrified. MLS has signed a 10-year, $2.5 billion deal with Apple TV. Good for Americans and Canadians.

But Quebecers? Those francophones who, like Frédérique Guay, Patrice Bernier and the other members hired by TVA Sports to cover CF?

What’s wrong with the natives?

I’ll pay fifteen piastres for Netflix, a dozen for Amazon Prime, ten for Disney+ for Zach and the Marvel movies, there’s DAZN, Club illico, Crave, TouTV Extra, Punching Grace, a family Spotify and after all that streamthe big motto for Cogeco since Videotron Sainte-Adèle does not serve.

I’m not complaining. Communication is my job.

But here I just learned that if I want to follow the CF, my beloved Impact, I need to add Apple TV. Another bill about the visa.

I’m not complaining, that’s my job.

The fan, the real one, will swallow the pill and the new bill without complaining too much. Like the 3000 fans who follow Punching Grace.

But for the normal world that needs to be interested and persuaded, the tens of thousands who have watched a CF game on TVA Sports, what will happen?

The people, this elusive clientele, how do we reach them?


I have had a long conversation with President Gabriel Gervais. He is fully aware of the gigantic task that awaits him. Apple TV is good. but Hello Hello, David Morrisette and JiCit’s even better.

He knows well the competition side of TVA Sports boss LP Neveu. He knows Neveu will fight with all his might to salvage most of his deal with CF Montreal. But the truth is that Gervais is yet to know all the details of the MLS contract. He also hopes for leeway. What will the “Prez” do if Apple TV decides to hire a Frenchman from Paris Saint-Germain to describe the French-speaking tribe?

How do I keep the communication channel?

By producing his own documentaries and programs about his players and the team? CF doesn’t even have a communications director and it’s too late for Paul Wilson. The workload will be enormous.

I also conversed with Canadian guides. Television is as precious as the apple of France Margaret Bélanger and Chantale Machabée’s eye. By offering and controlling the Canadiens’ 82 games to their fans young and old, he preaches the good word. The NHL monopolizes about thirty so-called national games, 22 in French, and the Canadian controls the rest.

Everything is on TV. The 14-year-old becomes a client at the age of 25 as a young lawyer or young notary. We spoil him, spoil him and talk to him.

What will happen to Apple TV?


Thankfully, Gabriel Gervais lived through the impact’s darkest years. When it was an NPO at Center Claude-Robillard. Through hard work and meetings in the community and with fans, we went from 2,500 spectators to 12,000 for a game against Seattle.

At least every subscription contract is worth accessing the MLS application in Apple TV+. But why a subscription when the fan is already sitting in his seat? For games on the go! where was my head

What reassures me is Gabriel Gervais. He is a brilliant and down to earth man. Official statements aside, he knows exactly what to expect.

Being conscious, as Socrates and Doc Mailloux said, is the true path to follow.

“I would choose race”

“If I were sixteen and had to choose between running and hockey, I would take up running despite my love and passion for hockey” – Patrice Brisebois.

I didn’t think I was entitled to a poetry course. I was just asking Patrice Brisebois if he would drive in the Ferrari Challenge today: “If I had the budget I would be on track,” he replied.

And between running and hockey, in which sport did he experience the greatest emotions?

It took 1000 words. What I summarize for you in 99: “All the ice rinks are 200 feet by 85 feet. Whether 20,000, 10,000 or 5,000 people, it’s 200 times 85. But in racing there is never the same sun, the same humidity, the same surface, the same conditions. The tracks are different and the traction is never the same. You can lose track of your tank mid-race. There is competition, the desire to win, the racing lines, it’s exceptional, ”declaimed the handsome Patrice.

Patrice Brisebois and Gino Rosato.

With kind approval

Patrice Brisebois and Gino Rosato.

In Montreal, Brisebois was once on the podium. A great feeling. And among his photos, he cherishes some memories with Guy Lafleur and his former team-mates. But he sent me a nice photo with Gino Rosato. The smile and the pride were the same.

And this morning, proud of their 18th birthday, Zach and Tom will be in Section 11…

You know that Patrice Brisebois drove in the Ferrari Challenge. They don’t know what number he wore with the flannel.

Life goes on.

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