Elden Ring: A player kills a boss using a real harp instead of the controller

Gaming News Elden Ring: A player kills a boss using a real harp instead of the controller

Between the new mods being developed by the community and the unprecedented abilities of some players, we no longer know where to go with Elden Ring. Today comes the surprise from Anna Ellsworth, singer-professional musician and part-time video gamer. She used her favorite musical instrument to defeat Margit, a boss believed to be one of the first major steps in the game!

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  • Increasingly unlikely controllers
  • A wild and melodious fight

Increasingly unlikely controllers

Whileelden ring is further refined with new updates, including Version 1.05 recently released, community players are also trying to bring some new things to their skills. For example, according to the latest news, one player made it Defeat a boss…without touching it ! But today it’s a very special achievement that caught our attention as it took place under rather strange conditions!

Elden Ring: A player kills a boss using a real harp instead of the controller

Last March and May, players spiced up their adventures in the lands of Entre-Terre by swapping their controllers for each a ring fit ring, bananas and a rather childish controller. That’s pretty much what we find here thanks to Anna Ellsworth, as the latter used her harp to rub shoulders with Margit.

A wild and melodious fight

The professional musician is not her first attempt, as she has already distinguished herself through old FromSoftware productions.especially the first Dark Souls in which she defeated the impressive duo of Ornstein and Smough. If defeating her was very difficult, achieving it with the harp is an even more spectacular feat. Anna Ellsworth recently shared the configuration of her harp on her YouTube channel before posting her fight against Margit a few days ago.

The player’s performance quickly gained popularity on Reddit. Shared by another user, the musician had again taken the time to detail in comments the different actions she could perform and to which notes each of them was linked. Nevertheless, the adaptation was not easy for her either and the instrument brought with it certain limitations, which makes us all the more praising the performance of the musician found above.

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