[Critique] Mario Strikers: Battle League Green Card

Nintendo has a knack for making good sports games. Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, Mario Golf… The franchise revisits soccer for the first time since the days of the Wii Mario Strikers: Battle Leaguethe most competitive multiplayer game in a long time.

Five against five we play ball on a green meadow surrounded by an electric fence. No yellow card here: In the kingdom of mushrooms, football is becoming an extreme contact sport. Mario, Peach, Bowser and Luigi fight to win the ball, eat mushrooms to run faster or throw turtle shells to push their opponents aside.

If the distribution of certain objects adds a bit of chance to the matter, we are all equally distant from the compensatory logic of the Mario Kart. We’re much closer to a competitive game like a title in the Smash series or Splatoon.


Four-player ranked mode could have held promise if one day Nintendo could implement just the bare minimum for online gaming: the ability to create a voice chat room with your friends right on your console.

As of this writing, Nintendo Switch Online, the insidious mobile app that lets you chat with teammates in connected games, is still not compatible striker. Shameful but not surprising.

In offline mode, big double elimination tournaments allow us to win gold coins to buy special gear for our characters.

There where striker beams, there are several in front of a large television. The characters of the series Mario are excellently animated and perform small victory dances after every goal scored. The game is really fun as long as you want to win and not lose too much.

We may therefore prefer to have one-on-one duels where each player controls their team. But it is also possible to connect up to eight controllers to the console, so that two teams can control their characters. The goalkeepers are controlled by the computer at all times.

Nintendo knows the secret of creating unforgettable experiences in our living rooms. It is a pity that the Japanese company cannot remotely repeat the feat.

Mario Strikers: Battle League

★★★ 1/2

Designed and published by Nintendo. Only available for Nintendo Switch.

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