Cayden Primeau wasn’t afraid his poor season would sap his confidence forever

I don’t have to keep telling you, but Cayden Primeau was thrown in the mouth in Montreal this year. Losing his confidence, he returned to Laval where he didn’t finish the season strongly. It was even Kevin Poulin who started the playoffs.

But after that he recovered (more than). At what point? To the point where everyone’s trying to make me believe that Primeau wasn’t anywhere near the Rocket’s best player in the playoffs, better get up early.

What does that mean for his future?

That means Primeau is back in the discussion of being the keeper of the Canadian’s future. He wasn’t really (at least publicly) after his difficult season, but then he bought himself another chance.

And of course he doesn’t want to miss that.

On this subject, journalist Nicolas Landry has written an excellent paper on the next steps in his case. What should Primeau, who says he has never been afraid of not regaining his self-confidence in the long term, do?

Looking back, the goalkeeper learned a lot from his season. He overcame difficulties and had great streaks that made him stronger to one day push towards the NHL again.

But of course it doesn’t have to be right away. While he thinks he’s a better goalkeeper than he was a few months ago, those around him said he shouldn’t be thrown into the wolf’s mouth too quickly.

I think he needs a serious year just in the American League. That he plays every game, that his focus is on the Rocket, that he doesn’t commute too much. That he plays his matches, that he develops. —Kevin Poulin

This applies not only to him, but to several players. You have to be patient, you have to take your time. You have to be sure to develop the players well and sometimes that takes time. – Jean-Francois Houle

For me the plan is clear. Instead of just signing Kevin Poulin with Rocket (and seeing him go to Trois-Rivières alone), we need to sign him in Montreal in two parts with the intention of letting him play at Laval and seeing him help out in Montreal. . So it is he who could be called back by CH if necessary – which will certainly happen along the way.

It would also be a great reward for a Quebecer who finished the season very well in Laval. We forget about Primeau’s performances, but Poulin has been good this year.

Giving Poulin a chance to be the Canadian’s depth would allow Primeau to forget CH, who will still be a bad club next year, to build a CV with Rocket to graduate with the big boys .

He’ll be training hard this summer knowing that if he doesn’t dominate at Laval next year Primeau will thwart his plans. We’ll see what’s in his body over the next year.


– Absolutely.

– Apparently.

– Who will win the cup?

– Will the logo be defeated by popular pressure?

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