Launched in Fall 2021 by the Culture Cible cooperative – of which is a part – the Data-Coop Culture project has received significant financial support from the Government of Canada thanks to a contribution from the Canada Fund for the investment in culture by the Department of Canadian Heritage.

The Data-Coop Culture Project

Data-Coop Culture provides its members with a platform for collecting behavioral data and enabling marketing, allowing the cultural sector to run targeted advertising campaigns without having to pay for using their own data and joining their own audience each time . Data-Coop Culture is already collecting behavioral data on 15 websites and has made it possible to create almost 500,000 visitor profiles in just 4 months thanks to “Pixel Culture©”.

“The cultural community embraces Pixel Culture© with the same ease as they have with Facebook or Google Analytics pixels. Why would GAFAM have a monopoly on the collection and use of Internet users’ browsing data in Quebec? – Arnaud Nobile

Collective digital marketing

Previously reserved for large groups, powerful data marketing capabilities are now accessible thanks to the pooling of activities within a collective of cultural organizations including Francos de Montréal, Le Ministère and cultural media such as, among others.

“Our goal is to build an alternative to GAFAM by bundling cutting-edge technology and enabling our members to reclaim the collection of their data. – Arnaud Nobile

In partnership with the Canadian division of Eulerian Technologies, Culture Cible adopts the characteristics of innovation by sharing the Third party cookies for the Cookies firstwhich enables data to be collected and combined only with the use of Cookies internally, in full transparency for both the owners of the sites and their visitors.

“Our general intention is to get out of this dependence on web giants that are becoming less and less efficient and transparent about the ownership and quality of their web audience. The data coop culture inspires real enthusiasm among our partners and realizes a concrete solution to regain control over the collection of their data” – Arnaud Nobile

What can be expected for the future?

The project’s mid-term goal is to bring together 80 to 100 cultural organizations in Quebec by 2024 and expand its collection pool to more than 1.5 million visitor profiles. This goal is becoming more and more tangible, because in the coming months new cultural organizations will gradually be integrated into the project. In the best of all worlds, 25 to 50 organizations would be added to the Data-Coop Culture project by April 2023.

“With the Data-Coop Culture project, we not only want to share the collection of surfing data; We also want to bundle data management and protection tools, as well as powerful data marketing capabilities. Due to the high operating costs of this technology, “Data Management Platforms” (DMP) were previously reserved for large corporations. Together, this technology becomes accessible…” – Arnaud Nobile

The Data-Coop Culture project is emerging as a major innovation that could change the face of online marketing. Visit for more information on this topic.

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