Apex Legends Patch Notes June 16th, what does the Awakening update bring? – Break flip

Apex Legends continues to update and a new patch is available as of June 16th. Find out what changes and fixes it in the game.

Apex Legendslike many other games, receives regular updates to correct, modify or add content to the game, as was the case with Patch for season 13 last May.

A brand new update is also available since Thursday June 16th and we are therefore giving you the information to remember from the patch notes published by EA on the website dedicated to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends June 16 Awakening Update Patch Notes

If you want to know all the changes and fixes made by This patch for the Awakening Collection Event was released on June 16thWell, the developers have posted patch notes on the website dedicated to the game (source).

It should be noted that this update adds an event but also skins and a game mode called Control for a limited time. So here are some changes, for fixes you can check the patch notes.


  • R-301 and Rampage weapons can no longer be crafted and have been added to floor loot.
  • The Wingman and CAR submachine guns are now craftable and have been removed from floor loot.


  • Now weapons and abilities are only stowed in an out of bounds trigger when the player is prone (the out of bounds gauge keeps scrolling).

Arch Bocek

  • By default, the gold version’s optics are the Ranger 3X.


  • Can now use Bait when re-deploying Valkyrie’s Freefall.


  • emergency resuscitation
    • Moved the option to cancel revive from Lifeline to the player being revived.
  • Doctor Drone DOC
    • Healing resources changed from 150 to infinite (takes an additional 20 seconds).
    • The healing range has been doubled.
  • support package
    • Reduced reload time from 5 minutes to 3.5 minutes.
    • The weapon attachment panel now has one shield battery instead of two shield cells.
    • There is no longer a blue ray on the first drop (it still appears after the support pack lands).


  • Fixed some final rings ending up in the healing zone


  • Fixed some final rings ending up in the healing zone


  • Fixed some final rings ending up in the healing zone
  • Rings tuned for a more balanced spread across the map.

Finally, ranked play, the IMC armory, and the quality of life of the time-limited Control mode have also been updated.

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