Amazon is giving away lots of great video games during Prime Days

Amazon is already preparing its Prime Days scheduled for July 12th and 13th. The players and the players had better subscribe as the multinational corporation will multiply the gifts.

For several months now, Amazon Prime subscribers have been able to get free games – and these are generally not small productions (example: there are Far Cry 4 in June). In celebration of the Prime Day event, which sees action piling up on July 12th and 13th, the multi will be even more generous.

In a press release published on June 16, Amazon announced that Prime members will be offered more than 30 games on Prime Day. We don’t know the whole selection yet, but we do know that we can recover Mass Effect Legendary Editionremastered trilogy, which is a nice gift in itself.

To wait until that period, we can restore 25 independent games from June 21st to July 13th. That makes a total of more than 55 titles available for download simply by being a Prime subscriber and having a PC.

Amazon Prime Gaming on Prime Day // Source: Amazon

Games offered by Amazon as part of Prime Day

Amazon offers more than 30 games on July 12th and 13th. We already know six.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

RPG trilogy set in a sci-fi universe with a strong emphasis on storytelling (although episodes 2 and 3 are more action-oriented). In terms of lifespan, you reach heights because of all the quests to be done.

GRID legends

A very young racing game that is more entertainment oriented and carried by an arcade gameplay. In the distribution, we find Ncuti Gatwa, featured in the series sex education and future Doctor Who cast member.

Need for Speed ​​​​Heat

Another racing game, but one that really fails to impress…

Star Wars Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy

In this adaptation of the Star Wars universe we play a young student at the academy led by Luke Skywalker. Will you remain a Jedi or will you succumb to the dark side of the force?

Star Wars Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcasts

This time we follow the adventures of Kyle Katarn, a New Republic agent who has to fight against a new threat… The game mixes phases of subjective point of view and third person.

Star Wars Republic Command

A tactical shooter set between episodes 2 and 3. In which you lead a group of clone troopers to carry out dangerous missions.

How do I get the games offered with your Amazon Prime subscription?

To access the games offered by Amazon Prime, you need to go to the Amazon Gaming page and identify yourself with your Amazon subscriber account.

  • You will then easily find the tab ” Play with Prime ‘, which lists all the titles offered.
  • Just click “Download Game” to inflate your library, which you can access from the Amazon Games application (warning, only Windows PCs are compatible) or other platforms (Origin, Epic Games Store).

The Amazon Prime Gaming subscription is included with that of Amazon Prime (€49 per year or €5.99 per month).

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