Adobe is testing a free version of Photoshop on the web!

Adobe is currently working on the development of its famous software Photoshop more accessible to all. Recently, a Free version being tested in Canada. The IT company hopes to be able to expand this option to other countries.

A version “freemium” Tests in Canada

In Canada, Adobe is testing a new beta web version of Photoshop. This software already has a version of this type, but it remains limited. In fact, since the end of October 2021, users can only share and comment on documents. This time, therefore, the company wants to expand the possibilities of the web version of Photoshop. It offers an access option for this in “freemium”. This allows the basic functions of this software to be used. The rest of the features are reserved for users who have a paid subscription. Therefore, in this new free version it’s possible to use tools like the eraser, the selection lasso or the brush. Note that the latter looks more like the desktop version than the previous one from 2021.

Image copyright: Unsplash / Rubaitul Azad

However, keep in mind that these basic features will only arrive gradually. Not all are immediately available for this beta. Adobe has not yet announced a schedule. But one thing is for sure: the company wants to combine all the basic options of its software for this access. “freemium”.

Better accessibility of the software for users

Adobe incorporates this free access facility into its software to make access easier! In fact, it wants to expand the test and understanding of Photoshop to all. This makes it easier to understand before you can make a purchase. The company also wants to make it easier to work together on its software. So it’s much easier to collaborate with multiple people with this new one web version. However, note that you need to create a free Adobe account before you can access it. In addition, Photoshop is also the subject of some other new features.

It should therefore be noted that Adobe is currently testing a beta version of it Free software in Canada and that we now have to wait for this possibility to be extended to other countries…

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