A college football player became a pimp

A former Concordia University soccer player was found Tuesday guilty of human trafficking and pimping after notably collecting up to $1,800 a day from a young Montrealer who was providing sexual services in spas and hotel rooms in Montreal and Toronto.

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“The defendant not only controlled the movements [de sa victime], he also controlled his personality. According to her, she would have done anything to please him,” concluded Judge Josée Bélanger before finding André Bryan Rose guilty outside the Montreal courthouse.

The Ontarian met the man who was to become his victim in 2010 in a bar in Montreal. At that time he was studying sociology at Concordia University, where he also played football. He had also moved to Montreal after receiving a scholarship to play on the university team.

The then 19-year-old woman fell in love “at first sight,” she testified in court.

They initially had a friendly relationship, which later developed into a romantic relationship over a period of about eight years.

During a conversation on the Skype application in early 2013, Rose began hinting at sexual services she might offer at spa and massage parlors. The now 31-year-old had the idea that they would both become rich.

GEN-André Bryan Rose is accused of pimping outside the Montreal courthouse.



At first she declined the offer. Then she finally changed her mind and accepted out of love and to please him.

” [La victime] was vulnerable because of her great love for the accused. By insisting on her, who was in a vulnerable position, he was influencing her and encouraging her to become prostitutes,” Judge Bélanger lamented.

During their relationship, Rose manipulated her and threatened to continue prostituting herself, the verdict detailed. For example, when the victim tried to get rid of his claws pimphe complimented her so that she returned to him.

If she wanted to continue seeing him, she had to bring him some money. At one point, Rose even set a goal of making $1,000 a day, the victim said.

During a seven-month period in 2015, she earned between $300 and $1,800 per day. Sometimes, when she didn’t bring home enough money at the end of the day, Rose would get mad at her.

The young woman had to work six days a week and her only vacation was “a day for maintenance” on her manicure, hair and eyebrows. She even shared how she had to go back to work two days after her tooth extraction while she was still bleeding.

Rose dubbed her “Brinks” because she was making so much money. This refers to a truck carrying money. In addition, the defendant had a machine to count the bills he had pocketed while prostituting.

Threatens to kill her

When she finally managed to leave Toronto in February 2018, he threatened her with death. “I’m going to come to Montreal and kill you,” he told her over the phone.

Judge Josée Bélanger believed the victim’s version, although her testimony was not perfect, she pointed out. The Ontarian was therefore found guilty of a variety of charges, including pimping, human trafficking, making death threats and assault.

Visibly upset, he told the court he was “upset” with the verdict. His case will return for sentencing next September.

– In collaboration with Michaël Nguyen

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