$524,000 for a new permanent exhibition at the Cosmodôme

On June 17, the Ministry of Tourism announced the allocation of $524,000 in financial support to the Cosmodôme for the realization of its project space exploration.

This amount will be transferred as part of the Tourism Industry Recovery Assistance Program, the total amount of which is $239 million.

“It’s so important to understand this beautiful planet, this beautiful universe that surrounds us,” said Sainte-Rose deputy Christopher Skeete. […] It is an invitation to rediscover this beautiful Laval jewel, but it is also inviting [les visiteurs] to see that something is moving in Laval. Any opportunity is good to return to the Cosmodôme.”

“The Cosmodôme welcomes the idea of ​​offering its visitors new experiences related to the current and future challenges of space exploration,” added Stéphanie Girard-Beaudry, General Manager of the site. The Ministry of Tourism’s support to revitalize the tourism industry is vital for organizations like ours.

This project is expected to be completed in 2024, coinciding with the 30th anniversary celebrationse Anniversary of the Laval Space Museum. No closures are planned as part of the work, which will be carried out in several phases.

New exhibition

The project space exploration will provide the Cosmodôme with a third permanent exhibition and renew the museum facilities there. This project will be adjacent to the main entrance and will replace some of the facilities that have been in place for more than 10 years.

In particular, the arrival of a rover provided by the Canadian Space Agency, which will be visible from reception.

“We will really address the issues of space sustainability, space tourism and the ethics surrounding this exploration,” specifies Ms. Girard-Beaudry. We want to encourage the critical thinking of our visitors so that they become the citizens of the future.”

She adds that the exhibition “will be rooted in current events, but will also address the future of man in space.”

The management of the Cosmodôme also wants to adapt this new project to current tastes. This will be less linear and more appealing to toddlers. The most recent modernization of the Cosmo mission’s control room already went in this direction.

“There will be immersive activities, but also the use of new technologies. We will of course apply the best eco-responsible practices in museum construction,” adds the Director General of the Cosmodôme.

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