soon a “Pro” version of the PlayStation 5 controller?

Sony’s PS5 Pro controller would benefit from detachable joysticks that can be easily swapped out should there be a problem. It would also have flat buttons on the back as well as a stopper system for the triggers.

A source close to Sony showed the Try Hard Guides site images of a new gamepad for PlayStation 5 that the manufacturer is expected to announce in the coming weeks, currently codenamed Hunt. This controller maintains the style of the PlayStation 5 but is characterized by the presence of buttons under the analog joysticks that allow them to be removed from the device. In the event of a failure, it is possible to replace the joysticks without having to buy a new controller.

This feature will please players who have fallen victim to “drifts” (phantom movements). In this situation, the stick activates the cursor or character on the screen without the player touching anything. This affected users of the Nintendo Switch, for example, but also of the PlayStation 5 controller. According to iFixit, the component in question is a potentiometer soldered to the motherboard that enables the movements of the joystick to be recorded. Unfortunately, this component has a reputation for not always being very durable.

The controller should also have flat buttons on the back and a trigger stopper system to reduce the time to press. For example, these additions are present on the controllers from manufacturers such as SCUF Gaming and NACON, making them very popular among gamers. Sony would have also provided a non-slip surface for a better grip. This area could be removable.

The current DualSense controller © Sony

According to the source polled by Try Hard Guides, the “PS5 Pro Controller” would also benefit from software improvements. Currently, the only controller offered for the PS5 is the DualSense, which features immersive haptic feedback and dynamic adaptive triggers. And thanks to the PS Remote Play application, it is possible to play on the console from your smartphone or computer.

Sony is expected to unveil new hardware at the end of the month, but it’s not yet known if the new controller will be part of the announcements. However, the manufacturer is unlikely to announce new consoles for the time being.

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