Saguenay landslide: $20 a day for La Baie victims

Saguenay Civil Security and the Department of Public Safety met Thursday morning with the owners of the 24 homes evacuated by the landslide that occurred in the La Baie district earlier this week, which will cost a meager 20 US residents for the planned two weeks Dollars a day for living will have evacuation.

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The meeting took place in a crowded room at the Auberge des 21 in La Baie. The victims seemed to be impatiently waiting for this meeting, which would finally give them answers about possible compensation.

Authorities meet the victims of La Baie

For the time being, each of the 79 evacuees will be paid $20 a day for subsistence. For some, the amount isn’t high enough, one evacuee recalled as he left, “that on $20 a day you’re not eating much.” Others philosophized and recalled that “it was better than nothing.”

Authorities meet the victims of La Baie

As for housing, those victims who can live with relatives or in second homes while the soil analyzes are being conducted have been invited to do so so that those who have nowhere to go can benefit from housing in the community.

Authorities meet the victims of La Baie

“We offered them furnished rentals that we have on the territory of Saguenay. They can stay there at short notice for a week and a half or two to complete the analyzes and see if they can return to their homes,” explained the department head of the Saguenay fire department, Christian Fillion.

$260,000 for possible expropriations

Some residences are still at risk of collapsing as the breach in the ground scrapes against the backs of two or three houses identified on Parc Avenue at the top of the sloping embankment.

Civil Security has reiterated that some owners may never return to their homes due to the high risk, without being able to quantify how many at the moment.

In the event of foreclosures, affected owners would be covered under the Quebec government’s general compensation and financial assistance program in the event of real or impending disasters.

“The maximum amount allocated for the building is $210,000, and if you add the land, the maximum increases to $260,000,” said Jérôme Lacasse, civil security spokesman for compensation, noting that the program created in 2019 Indexed to a maximum of $250,000 annually Track the cost of living.

“We will wait until the studies are completed to be treated individually, but I want to stay at home. Starting over at a certain age isn’t fun and there’s bound to be depreciation. The house must be your little pillow for the rest of our days, but maybe it will be less there,” says Serge Carrier, who lives at the foot of the embankment, with regret.

Authorities meet the victims of La Baie

keep paying

Other citizens have also had issues with their private insurer, which does not cover such earthquakes but insisted on continuing to pay premiums even if victims were evacuated.

“The insurance companies are not there. The ground movements, it’s not guaranteed, period, they don’t offer us anything. And in some cases, they demand that policy drawdowns continue even if they do nothing. We still have to pay according to the contract,” complains Claude Gingras. “It’s a bit silly.”

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