Radio Canada | The lights go out in Studio 42

A page of the story was turned on Radio-Canada on Wednesday. The legendary Studio 42 hosted his latest recording. An honor reserved tv kids.

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Marc Andre Lemieux

Marc Andre Lemieux
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Supported by Mélanie Maynard, his new accomplice, André Robitaille steered two final shows in the imposing brown tower on René-Lévesque Boulevard. In the afternoon, the host Micheline Lanctôt received for a special headliner program about the actress and director. Then, in the evening, Laurence Jalbert, Guylaine Guay and Sylvain Marcel walked the set of the popular gathering before the lights were turned off and the control room dismantled.

Next door, in the new Maison de Radio-Canada, preparations continued for Studio A, the ‘successor’ to Studio 42, for the first recordings, which will take place in July. Stéphane Bellavance will help break the ice Nextbefore Pierre-Yves Lord took over the premises 100 geniuses.

Nostalgia was the order of the day at Studio 42, and not just because of the excerpts from the archives that were presented tv kids.

Before taping began, former and current Radio-Canada employees shared their memories of the nerve center that has hosted a variety of galas, teletheaters and variety shows for 49 years. We think in particular noon demons with Gilles Latulippe and Suzanne Lapointe, at A night star with Pierre Lalonde, at The show business bus with Jean-Pierre Ferland, at 1res time with Véronique Cloutier and Everyone talks about it with Guy A. Lepage.


The host was Pierre Lalonde A night star in studio 42.

Studio 42, inaugurated in 1973, was one of the largest television studios in North America at the time and had room for 600 viewers.

Radio-Canada Technical Director Stéphane Désautels recalled his participation in the early days of a landmark program at the famous venue: anger, in 1998. “I will never forget the incredible decibel levels we reached while recording mini rage ! said the man laughing.

His predecessor, Pierre Beaucage, mentioned the 1980 referendum evening moderated by Bernard Derome. “We cheered in the studio. We didn’t know what was going to happen,” said the retiree, who has worked for the public broadcaster for more than four decades.


Stéphane Désautels, Technical Director at Radio-Canada, Pierre Beaucage, former Technical Director, and François Messier, General Manager, Production

For his part, the Director General, Production, of Radio-Canada, François Messier, wanted “the spirits of 42” to follow them to the new location, much like those of the old Forum did when the Montreal Canadians settled there at the Molson Center year 1996.

“When I think of studio 42, I think of the family spirit we have created. It’s a nostalgic move. »

A bigger studio

Studio A at 1000 Avenue Papineau smells new, as does the rest of the all-glass building that houses it. At least that’s what we noticed when we visited the site. The cubic shape (better suited to the 16:9 aspect ratio of today’s televisions) covers an area of ​​7,500 square feet compared to the 6,700 square feet of Studio 42 (excluding stands). It also has 36 foot ceilings.

It is inspired by a number of studios the Radio-Canada team has visited abroad, including that of British public broadcaster BBC.


Studio A in the new Maison de Radio-Canada

Why did you abandon the Studio 42 name? “The idea was to create something new,” François Messier replied. We wanted to mark a fresh start. »

Studio A will host its first-ever live broadcast in September when Guy A. Lepage hosts the 19the season of Everyone talks about it.

New accomplice, new decor

A few words about that tv kids ? The show has a new, slightly more intimate setting. A total of 100 people can now participate in recordings, compared to 200 in the old environment. Three giant LED screens surround the space, which features a slightly recessed pad that provides space for musical performances.

André Robitaille informed us that Hubert Lenoir had performed there on the occasion of a recently recorded special by Marjo. We should hear his cover ofIllegal of the Corbeau group in the fall.

For its part, the display table has kept the same dimensions, but unlike the old one, which comes from a single block, the new one is divided into nine parts. Therefore, his move shouldn’t be a problem, stressed producer Benoît Léger of the Fair Play group.

At the time of our meeting with Mélanie Maynard, the “rookie” had taken six shots of tv kids with André Robaille.

When asked to compare the actress’ style to that of Edith Cochrane, her former accomplice, who retired after eight seasons, the host explained that Mélanie Maynard watches more television (a plus, one suspects, around that chair). occupy) and that they are “out of the box”.

“She’s more surprising. She messed something up a bit, which works fine. There are very funny moments. »

Invited to refresh her memories of Studio 42, André Robitaille spoke about specific shoots for Wasimolo, her youth program from 1991 to 1995, when Mélanie Maynard mentioned her beginnings in the industry when she completed the theater option at Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe. “I came to bring my resume to Radio-Canada,” she said.

Among the personalities who will make their first appearance at the tv kids in autumn, Pierre Bruneau, Virginie Ranger-Beauregard, Isabelle Brouillette, Guillaume Lambert, Korine Côté, Yanic Truesdale and Félix-Antoine Tremblay are to be mentioned.

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