Losing weight: the pitfalls of summer!

As summer approaches, the sun and the beach are back. But also aperitif dinners with friends, long barbecues, ice cream and other picnics. Not to mention the latest fad diets… in short, there are so many pitfalls to avoid to keep your weight balanced and enjoy this summer season in full health!


For most people, salad is synonymous with dieting or losing weight! Not that easy, because when fiber intake is interesting, it’s usually low in protein and doesn’t fill you up… and you risk ending up with a crush on a dessert or even an afternoon snack. ! The solution, incorporate a protein like eggs, ham, chicken or even tuna… and let’s not forget quality oils… our bodies need good fats to function on a daily basis! These proteins not only fill you up, but are also essential for the production of valuable neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, both of which guarantee a balanced diet! Also, beware of raw vegetables for the most sensitive intestines as they can cause bloating and discomfort.


When it’s hot we feel less like cooking and we like to meet up with friends to share moments of conviviality! The slimming enemy number 1 will be the famous trio of fries/peanuts/sausage, accompanied by alcohol, but also the repetitive character. To prepare a healthier aperitif, consider raw vegetable dips with sauces based on yogurt, cottage cheese, tapenades, or even fish rillettes. Also think of verrines: cucumber, tuna, cilantro, tomato, mozzarella and basil skewers… Then why not turn the aperitif into a starter? As for picnics, consider veggies in your sandwiches and why not tapenades.

Some sandwich ideas: sourdough bread + a layer of pesto + tomato slices + arugula + mozzarella slices, or even sourdough bread + hummus + lamb’s lettuce + mackerel fillets + parsley! Be imaginative!


“Are we having a barbecue tonight?” This is a tempting program, but beware of cooking over an open flame, which creates toxic compounds! Do you prefer lean meat or fish, as for the side dishes, it’s time to invite the vegetables that we tend to forget! Think of grilled aubergines or courgettes, as well as a mixed salad… Also look out for American, tartar or mayonnaise sauces, which often accompany barbecues and are very greasy.


In summer it’s hot, we tend to multiply the fruit (especially since the “5 fruits and vegetables a day” repeats it to us!). But be careful not to abuse fruit, because even if the sugar it contains is natural (fructose), it is still sugar that, if consumed in too large quantities, risks playing tricks on your figure! The solution, one or two fruits, not more and whole (with their fibers) instead of in the juice! As for ice cream, give preference to sorbets!


We know perfectly well that the restrictive slimming diets that we can do quickly before summer make you gain weight in the long term, worse, they are dangerous for your health: by attacking the body that goes into “standby” and its basic metabolism slows down , they lead to weight gain when he resumes a normal diet.

In conclusion, it’s all about balance, you don’t have to give up on yourself but pay attention to your food sensations: to go further I recommend reading The Anti-Food Myth. Written by Florence De Le Rue, Psycho-Nutritionist and Nutritionist, this lovely little book aims to convey a positive and benevolent message about food to as many people as possible, namely that you can eat a balanced diet and have fun at the same time. Time. In short, a book without dieting and guaranteed 100% enjoyment… good for your health, good for your morale… and that will allow you to make peace with your diet… all summer long!

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