In the Vendée, a hairdresser reinvents the wig with the hair of women suffering from cancer

Fighting the disease while accepting yourself without hair. This is a double threat that many women with cancer face. This is the case of Stéphanie Retailleau, a hairdresser from Les Herbiers in Vendée, who launched a website on Wednesday June 15th offer chemo patients an alternative to wigsthe “pas d’chichi”: a turban with one’s own hair.

An idea she had when she herself became ill. It was October 2020, a few days before his 40th birthday. This barber finds out it’s her suffering from breast cancer. She, who refuses to look sick in everyone’s eyes, doesn’t see herself in a wig. “With a wig, we know we’re sick. Because we have this plastic wig that reminds us we’re sick all the time!”‘ she emphasizes.

At the beginning of chemo, this mother, who is a hairdresser, asks her children to cut her long hair. At first without really knowing what she would do with it, until an idea came to her. “I hung them up in my kitchen with glue. I went to my mom with this hair band. And then my mom ripped up an old t-shirt and put a rubber band on it. And hey presto, let’s go!”She smiles.

I said to myself ‘I’m sick, I have cancer, I’m on chemo, I don’t have hair, but I’m not bad’! – Stephanie Retailleau

Thanks to that turban with his real hair sticking outStéphanie Retailleau finds herself and regains her self-confidence. “I said to myself, ‘I’m sick, I have cancer, I’m doing chemo, I don’t have hair, but I’m not bad’!”

So why not help other women with cancer? Over a period of months, the hairdresser refines the production process of her hair prostheses made by parallel to her treatment Seamstresses near the Herbaria.

We are like before. Like before the first chemo. -Jennifer Jouan

“We are like before. Like before the first chemosays Jennifer Jouan, 30, one of the first to entrust her hair to test Stéphanie Retailleau’s first hair prostheses. I really loved it! It’s been two days since we cut our hair and to see it on our skulls like this is awesome!”

After several months of word of mouth, Stéphanie Retailleau has just launched her website market their hair prostheses. Women from all over France can now send their hair in the mail to receive one.

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