Glamor parties and $400 records: overpriced parties for GP weekend

At a time when many Quebecers are struggling with the cost of living, any rich, influencer or star who come to the Grand Prix will be able to get millions in government subsidies, food and lodging they can’t afford mere mortals, notice The newspaper.

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The event the most shine will certainly be the “Black Tie” night, which will take place tomorrow night at the Ritz-Carlton, a place used to the social evenings of the Grand Prix.

The site touts a red carpet, unlimited champagne until 9 p.m., and multiple stations featuring canapés and eccentric bites. Price for the evening: $1200.

Several trendy restaurants offer F1 menus, such as Richmond in the Griffintown area.

However, to book, you must pay a deposit and spend at least $250 per person. The menu includes seafood and meat platters ranging in price from $300 to $400.

$300 entry parties

For deep-pocketed revelers, several establishments offer F1 nights with Dom Pérignon, but again, you often have to pay anywhere from $150 to more than $300 to access them.

Julia Posca, a researcher at the Institute for Socio-Economic Research and Information (IRIS), believes that such events could create even more incomprehension among many households struggling with inflation, the housing crisis and a loss of purchasing power. .

“It makes inequalities even more outrageous and can generate more dissatisfaction and frustration among the population, who see that in times of economic uncertainty there is a layer of the population that is always prosperous,” she said.

night over $7000

Good luck if you have to spend a night in Montreal hotels over the weekend.

With a utilization of more than 95%, there is only little space left.

On the website, The newspaper However, I was able to observe that prices have risen sharply in the last few days. For example, you have to pay more than $2,000 for a night at a Best Western!

Others sensed good business.

An apartment owner in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood is offering visitors to metro Quebec $7,200 for just one night. Breakfast not included…

It tastes like $400 plates

Glamor parties and $400 records: overpriced parties for GP weekend

Several bars and restaurants offer Grand Prix menus, including Richmond’s multi-meat plater, which includes this rack of lamb served with seared foie gras and fresh truffle. The price of this plate: $400

Glamor parties and $400 records: overpriced parties for GP weekend

The event the most shine of the Grand Prix weekend is the Ritz-Carlton’s “Black Tie” party. We promise a red carpet and unlimited champagne for part of the evening. Price: $1000 plus taxes and services. Price: $1200

Glamor parties and $400 records: overpriced parties for GP weekend

As well as Black Tie night, there are several other lavish parties taking place this weekend including the first edition of the Maxim Grand Prix Party at Windsor Station. Entrance fee: $275

Glamor parties and $400 records: overpriced parties for GP weekend

The hotel has 95% occupancy on weekends. Some have sniffed out a good deal, like the owner of this condo, who is listing it for over $7,000 a night. Price: $7200

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