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It’s an artificial intelligence that’s been talked about a lot on social networks: Dall E Mini that generates images based on text.

Internet users have been enjoying themselves with artificial intelligence for a few days. Called Dall E, it offers Internet users the opportunity to enter any terms with which the artificial intelligence tries to generate an image.

The currently most widespread and accessible version is Dall E Mini. But there’s also a more elaborate version, Dall E. It offers more advanced and precise imagery, but is currently only accessible to a limited number of people.

Where can I find Dall E, the artificial intelligence that generates images with text?

The mini version, accessible to all, is available at the following address:

>>> Dall E mini <<

The extended version, on the other hand, requires registration on a waiting list, which lasts about two months. A few lucky internet users managed to get access to this artificial intelligence. Access to this enhanced version is limited to artists for the time being, in particular to prevent internet users from creating content that is not fully public. Much more computing power is required to get this more realistic version.

>>> Form for requesting access to Dall E <<

In the mini version, the artificial intelligence takes about 100 seconds to generate an image. The results can be particularly diverse, as you can see below.

Our editorial team had the opportunity to conduct about ten tests with different keywords. It’s also up to you to create the most unexpected encounters!


eiffel tower-mars

In concrete terms, this artificial intelligence will pull images from the Internet that are linked to each word in order to compile them and create results based on them.

A Twitter account was even created to compile the most surprising results of this artificial intelligence.

This account compiles the weirdest results people have received on Reddit.

This artificial intelligence has become a real viral phenomenon. Based on all the images that can be found on the web, it is possible to generate an infinite number of images, even on the most controversial subjects.

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