Critical condition of the Pierre-Laporte bridge | Bonnardel promises further consolidation work this summer

Transport Minister François Bonnardel considers it “unacceptable” not to have been informed earlier about the report signed by two government engineers showing a “significant and accelerated decrease” in the resistance of the suspension cables of the Pierre Laporte Bridge in Québec. He promises consolidation work this summer.

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Henri Ouellette-Vezina

Henri Ouellette-Vezina
The press

In fact, the official-elect says he “learned” about the existence of that report on Tuesday, just prior to the report’s release from the show. detectionwho first brought this mysterious case to light.

“I take the testimony of the engineer who sounded the alarm very seriously. I find it unacceptable that I was not informed about this report earlier. My deputy minister will shed light on the process that led to this mess. He has already taken action,” Mr Bonnardel said in a statement on Thursday.

He says an “outside company is being hired to investigate the process that led to these errors.” “The Department was already planning to replace the lines within a 15-year timeline, but we will be accelerating the pace. It won’t take 15 years,” he said.

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Francois Bonnardel

Wednesday the show detection by Radio-Canada revealed that the Pierre Laporte Bridge’s suspension cables are becoming less and less resilient. According to a report by two engineers from the Ministère des Transports (MTQ) sent to management at the end of April, some lines could even “deviate at any time”. These executives would have been aware of the situation prior to receiving the report.

In the report, the coordinator of the large structures headed by Chaudière-Appalaches for the MTQ, Christian Mercier, confirmed that he had never had access to the report. “We knew there was a global report on the management of the work ahead, but we didn’t know there was urgency in the house, as you say. I wasn’t aware of that,” the manager told public law.

Work planned for this summer

In light of this information, Minister Bonnardel made a number of commitments on Thursday, including a new construction phase within a few weeks.

“Starting this summer, we will consolidate about forty lines that are more rapidly deteriorating due to corrosion,” he promised in particular, and also committed to “promptly initiate the replacement of all lines, as recommended in the report”. .

However, Quebec claims that all means are being taken to “ensure the safety of users,” who shouldn’t be afraid to take the bridge for all of this. “I want to reassure the citizens. The department assures me that the bridge is safe at this point. […] If we had the slightest doubt, we wouldn’t hesitate to close it while we get the job done,” continued the elect Caquiste.

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