Attack on Capitol: Inquiry details Trump’s pressure on Pence

The President was repeatedly told that the Vice President could not change the outcome of the election. Still, he publicly urged Mike Pence to do just that. »

A quote from Pete Aguilar, Democratic Representative for the 31st District of California

After nearly a year of investigation, the group of elected officials is trying to show that Donald Trump’s rejection of the November 2020 presidential results was not just bad loser coquetry, but the essential part of a thoughtful strategy to stay in power.

This quickly focused on Vice President Mike Pence’s solemn certification of the election results before Congress on January 6, 2021, essentially a simple formality.

The investigative committee unveiled in December 2020 the detailed plan developed by attorney John Eastman for Donald Trump aimed at exploiting loopholes in the voter counting law and blocking Joe Biden’s entry into the White House.

Under pressure, Mike Pence then turned to several legal experts, who assured him that he had no legal room for maneuver and that it was imperative that Joe Biden certify victory.

I believe if Vice President Pence had followed his President’s instructions […]it would have plunged America into revolution in the midst of a constitutional crisis. »

A quote from Michael Luttig, retired Judge before the Commission

In support of the video testimonies, the group of elected officials also revealed a telephone exchange between Donald Trump and his Vice President on the morning of January 6, 2021.

The conversation was tense, said Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, who was in the Oval Office at the time of the call. Other ex-advisers to Donald Trump have reported that the President has insulted Mr Pence on numerous occasions.

An hour later, the American President tried one last time to force his hand on his right arm while presenting himself to a crowd of Trumpists assembled in Washington in the freezing cold.

Mike Pence, I hope you will fight for the good of our country and our Constitution. Otherwise I will be extremely disappointedstarts the Republican billionaire in a serious tone.

A few minutes later, Mike Pence publishes a letter in which he protests that he will not comply with the pressure from the President.

At the same time, pro-Trump protesters are beginning to crowd around Congress, images that have been circulated around the world. The certification session is abruptly interrupted.

As the vice president and elected representatives of Congress are evacuated from the chamber, Donald Trump tweeted that Mike Pence didn’t do it did not have the courage to do what was necessary to protect the country.

Escape to a dungeon

In the crowd that stormed Congress, the Trumpists demanded that of us hang Mike Pence.

The vice president took refuge in an underground passage and remained on the Capitol grounds throughout the attack, with protesters at times only keeping their distance. dozen meters away from himthe commission announced on Thursday.

After a few hours, peace finally returns to the American capital. The Vice President promises that from the House of Representatives those who sowed discord have not won and officially certifies the election of Joe Biden.

After long months of silence, Mike Pence spoke publicly about the January 6 horror during a speech in Florida in mid-February.

President Trump said I had the right to reverse the election, but President Trump is wronghe said, noting his final break with the former businessman, who still claims the opposite.

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