“A patient in teleradiology doesn’t even realize it, except that he had his appointment in 48 hours, even in a medical desert”

All examinations can be performed except ultrasound, which must be present explains Julien Combettes, Head of Nursing and in charge of the facility’s entire radiology department. The patient must make an appointment as usual by telephone or in the center. ” Instead of having to wait at least ten days, the patient gets an appointment in the following days. This enables the clinic to offer radiology regardless of whether radiologists are on site or not. “. Because the few radiologists at the Sainte Barbe clinic are only present part-time.

To set up teleradiology, the day before the consultation, the clinic sends the prescriptions and patient files to the radiologist, who will operate remotely. In this way, the radiologist communicates the course of the examinations upstream. ” Everyone is aware of this anamnesis before the examination. Which didn’t exist before when we were in the hospital says Philippe Calvo, one of the MEDIN+ teleradiologists.

After the recordings, the images are sent directly to the radiologist thanks to a “secure VPN messaging” continuously connected to the clinic during the radiologist session. The radiologist writes his report within half an hour and sends it to the clinic. The patient leaves with his diagnosis. Patients only realize that their consultation is not usual when they sign the authorization documents for the teleradiology examination. “If it weren’t for this document, they wouldn’t realize it was an act of teleradiology.”explains Julien Combettes.

Emergencies are dealt with within an hour

After a whole career in “classical” radiology, Philippe Calvo was the first “I hesitate to face this new way of training”, before realizing the benefits it offers.

“This allows the patient to get testing and a quick response in one place where they would not have been able to get an appointment for several months.” he explains. With 300 radiologists, MEDIN+ treats 70,000 patients per month. That’s about twenty patients per half-day session of a teleradiologist. “Sometimes with the opportunity to work with two hospitals at the same time” and thus two underfunded areas.

Emergencies are dealt with within an hour. This happens from time to time, for example during ” for example pulmonary embolism or traumatic emergencies of all kinds after a traffic accident “.

The radiologists are spread all over France and work with clinics that are usually close to their practice. For more proximity, each radiologist knows their partner teams through regular visits “Quality”.We share on-site, on-site, about our practices, with the team and the health framework, it is very important to motivate teams. »

Another interest has emerged in practice, a real time saver for the radiologist: “ We work in peace without being disturbed by the things that usually bother us when we train on site.”

And it’s perfect for lonely souls who resist life with co-workers, “We get along much better than when we work together every day, see each other less, that doesn’t wear people down. »

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