a network to strengthen links between social and health actors

Doctor Claire Nicolas, President of the Haute Gironde Social Health Network.


How is such a network particularly relevant in an area like Haute Gironde?

Our association is the only structure in the area that connects social workers and health professionals, two sectors that are often separate. Our network aims precisely to put them in contact, specifically during a monthly meeting, every first Tuesday of the month. The interest of our action also lies in the fact that in Haute Gironde we have four communes with many projects in each of them. Through our network, there is an exchange between them on these topics.

Transport assistance, your core business, is on the rise. Is it related to increasing mobility problems or to a better knowledge of this Health Social Network service?

There are more mobility problems because the population of the territory is already increasing. At the same time, the number of health professionals is decreasing. For us, our main activity is transport to care and health professionals and if we take the example of specialists, their number is decreasing in Haute Gironde. So we have a significant part of the transport going to Bordeaux, which used to be less the case. As the distance increases, so do the costs. In order to prevent the increase in fuel costs, we have applied for 18,000 euros for 2022 instead of the usual 15,000 euros from the state health agency (ARS), which finances us.

Is this transport for care open to all?

No, it is specifically aimed at people in vulnerable situations who have no other transport solutions, whether through another institutional mechanism, specific care or even help from family or relatives. We intervene as a last resort and limit ourselves to three transports per year per person.

What are your monthly meetings like? Are the same topics always addressed, the same speakers…?

We are about twenty participants, ie 10 to 15 representatives of different structures (social, health, health centers, communities of communities, etc.). Each time after presenting a new association or an unknown or modified structure, each structure or professional shares its news. For example, the representative of Blaye Hospital, who will brief us on the news of Blaye Hospital, what prevention projects have been carried out in its program outside the walls; or as part of Anti-Addiction Week, each structure commemorates its program, the same goes for Pink October. It’s very variable.

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